Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's Over!

Christmas has come and gone, at last.  I survived it, yet another year.  I've mentioned to a few friends, how I can't help remembering the old jingle... plop plop, fizz fizz, oh what a relief it is!

My youngest son came over early, to help with the grits.  Our holidays must include garlic, cheese grits.  He enjoys cooking, thank goodness and doesn't mind all the stirring involved.  That's the hardest part to making the grits.  It wears me out!  We made a big, double batch so he could introduce his friends to the tradition.  They loved it!

              New Generation Grit Master

Christmas Eve, the main gathering, went surprisingly well.  The little ones were full of energy and got along great.  At one point, they figured out how to climb into a large trash can, put on the lid and roll each other around.  I couldn't bring myself to watch that activity, but suffice it to say, they were supervised by someone with a stronger heart and better nerves than mine.  They had a ball!

              Some of the kids, sitting still

Christmas day was rather calm around here.  We slept late, waited for youngest Son to get here, watched "A Christmas Story" for the umpteenth time, went out to eat, then headed over to my Daughter's house for a bit.

For someone that doesn't deal with the holidays very well, I must admit... it wasn't bad.  That doesn't mean I won't be whining and complaining next year.  I always do.  The family wouldn't recognize me, any other way.  So, until next year, this Christmas is over and done with.  Bye, Bye, from Ms. Grinch.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Insurance Glitch

My last post was about the problems I have taking medication.  This one is going to be about finally agreeing to fill a prescription, after taking yet another series of samples and finding one that appears to be "The Lesser of Evils!"

Went to the pharmacy late last night, after the major crowds had thinned out.  Stood in line to turn in my script, to get it filled.  They were short-handed, I agreed to wait, knowing it would save a trip the next day.  The girl told me it would be about an hour and a half.  I did some shopping for cards and browsed around, to kill time.  Went back to check and was informed my insurance refused to pay for the medication until I had tried all the other stuff they do pay for.  Mind you, I have tried many other things, but my body didn't tolerate them for more than a brief period of time, not long enough to fill a prescription.  The gal told me my doctor would have to provide validation that I was not able to tolerate the meds they do approve, before I could get coverage for the one I was trying to fill.  "More crap on a cracker!"  Said it would probably take days to get authorization.  Asked me if I wanted to just go ahead and pay for it, while I wait for the red tape to get settled.  She told me the price... "What... are you serious?"  I told her "NO THANKS... I'll just die from a heart attack or stroke, before I pay that."  The store is lucky I didn't do it RIGHT THEN.  I could just imagine hearing the intercom... "Clean up at the pharmacy counter!"

Friday, December 11, 2009


Please, not again!  Thought for sure good old Dr. Dontgivashitzsky was finally on the right track.  At least he appeared to listen when I told him about my leg pain after a few days on yet another statin.  He's been on my case for several years, insisting I take medication to lower my cholesterol.  Every time I try to follow his orders, I have body pain.  Finally, he decides that I can't tolerate statins and need to try something else.  I agree to give it a try.  This time I've been taking something for a whole 6 weeks and thought, just maybe, it might work.  Went to bed this morning with a horrible pain in my left butt bone, you know, the one in the butt cheeks that gets uncomfortable when you are sitting on a hard surface.  I don't sleep well, but to try to sleep when you are uncomfortable is even harder.  Woke up this morning and moved my legs to get up... and a muscle spasm grabs hold of my left calf and sends me into orbit.  Crap on a cracker!  

My leg has been sore all day.  I'm not sure what is worse, having elevated cholesterol that wasn't giving me pain, but could cause a heart attack or stoke...OR,  constant body pain from medication that is supposed to help lower my painless elevated cholesterol.  Not sure which is better, quick death or very slow agonizing torture.

What the Heck?

Tried to make a post last night.  Previewed it, it looked fine.  Hit publish and went to to check it on the actual blog... wait a minute... there is a whole paragraph missing.  Went back to edit and try again... same paragraph is missing.  After about 15 tries, with various results, some of which not only didn't have the missing paragraph, but the whole darn body, except for the very last line, I GAVE UP AND DELETED THE ENTIRE THING!  Talk about frustrating.  Finally called it a night/morning and went to bed around 5 am.

Don't have any guarantees this one will work.  If anyone can offer any advice or explanations, I sure could use them.  Now, I plan to hit Publish Post and keep my fingers crossed.  Ok, here goes nothing! No, I don't need any smart a$$ed comments that all my posts are nothing.  Please save those for another time, when I'm in a better mood to fight back.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Worry Wall

Years ago, when I still had three teenagers living at home, dating, driving and doing all the things adolescents do, I decided I needed something to occupy my worried mind.  I love paint!  I started out with oils, but due to the chemical problems I was forced to give it up and go to acrylics.  Acrylics are a whole different medium, much harder to blend, nearly impossible to use a palate knife with, but much safer for me.  I'm certainly no artist, primitive at best and terrible on a rough textured wall, but loved to immerse myself in it just the same.  When I have a paintbrush in my hand, I have nothing else on my mind.  Sometimes that can be a life saver, especially with teen drivers on the road and dating.  I started out with a fence and it grew from there.  Originally, it only had a little bit of ivy.  As time went on, that ivy went out of control.  The more drama, the more ivy.  The grandkids loved it when they were potty training.  They would count cows and trees, find the cat, the pig, the dogs...

I haven't had the paint brush out for quite a while, even though there is always something I'm worrying about.  My old, tired body just can't take it anymore.  I miss it!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Life Altering Experience

My Cousin, bless her heart, sent me three pictures that stirred a memory.  As I've said before, I don't have much brain left, or memories.  It was right around the time this picture was taken that my life changed dramatically.  The year was 1981 and I was pregnant with my fourth child, my daughter.  Didn't even know for a fact, that I was pregnant.  My Mom, God rest her soul, was in North Carolina and I decided to clean her house before she got home.  Big mistake!  Not the actual cleaning, but the life altering blunder I made while doing it.  In my zest to do a good job, I sprayed the whole bathroom down with a tile cleaner that was supposed to be "all that".  It was, and then some.  That crap gave me chemical pneumonia and cost me way more than dollars at the doctor.  Right after that, I found out I was, indeed, pregnant.  My doctor warned me that the exposure could have dire consequences to the child I was carrying and asked me if I wanted to consider terminating my pregnancy.  I wept.  He did an ultrasound, just to see if anything was obvious.  Nothing was.  We were able to see the heart beating, arms and legs and nothing else could be determined, until I gave birth.  This was 28 years ago, ultrasound was new and this was my only child it had been available for.  It was a torturous nine months.

The doctor told me that, due to the early stage of development during my exposure, she could be blind, deaf, hair lipped, have a cleft palate... just to name a few.  I was insanely sick, from the moment the chemicals entered my system.  At my first doctor visit, I weighed 79 pounds.  I finally began to gain weight and topped out at 106, the day she was born.  She was beautiful!  Everything seemed normal.

From the time she was able to communicate, she told us she could suck air through the top of her mouth.  We never could see what she was talking about.  When she was 14, a trip to the dentist finally figured it out.  As the dentist blew the air in her mouth, to dry it... tiny little pin holes opened up.  We were amazed.  She could suck air through the roof of her mouth!  A trip to the plastic surgeon and an explanation of the extensive work involved to correct it, we decided it was best to leave it alone, unless it caused a problem.  It could have been so much worse, but, I've still never been able to forgive myself.  I also haven't been the same, since that exposure.  It's been years since I've been anywhere near normal.  The exposure has caused so many other things.  Chemical sensitivities, depression, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and tremors, just to name a few.  All this because of a household cleaning product that should have been safe, right?  Wrong!  Be very aware of what you use in your daily life.  It could cause dire consequences!  THERE ARE CHEMICALS IN MOST EVERYTHING WE USE.  If you don't believe me, just check it out.  Make a list of your daily products, makeup, deodorant, shampoo, perfume...  Then go to the cosmetic safety database and check them out.  Do the same with your cleaning products.  You'll be shocked!  It should be against the law!  Why isn't it?

My frail, pregnant self.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Special Day!

Today is a very special day, indeed.  Little Miss "Tink" turned 5 years old.  She's the youngest of my granddaughters and it's hard to believe five years have gone by, since she was born.



Sunday, November 15, 2009

Haircut, Nightmares and Countdowns

I cut my hair! *tear, sniff*  Did it myself.  Yes, it's uneven, but at some point my Daughter, the hairstylist, can even it out.  I never wear it any way other than a ponytail, so it shouldn't matter, but to me it does.  I just pulled it up and whacked it off, six inches.  It was really starting to get in the way and looked like $hit, so anything should be an improvement.  Now, the nightmares will start.  Every time I cut my hair, I have nightmares.  Even when I like the cut, but worse when I don't.  Truthfully, I didn't want to cut it, but it had gotten so long and thin at the bottom, that it was causing problems.  I couldn't even sit in a chair without moving it, or it would feel like someone had a rope around my neck, pulling me backward.  At night, I can't sleep with it up, so it was constantly being laid on, or tangling around my arms and being pulled.  I'd like to have it really short and sassy, but since I can't use products, I'll have to stick with what works for me.  I'd love to have it long and healthy, but by the time it's long, it's far from a healthy long.

Hubby isn't a very observant person.  I used to re-arrange the furniture (drastically) and he wouldn't even notice.  I've cut my hair before and he would be oblivious.  If questioned, he might say something looks different, but would be at a loss as to what actually was different.  I'm going to count the days and see how long it takes this time.  I'm not going to hold my breath.  If I can keep my mouth shut, which is nearly impossible, and not get frustrated because he hasn't figured it out, I'll let you know how long it takes.  The countdown clock it ticking.  He'd better notice something is different, even if he can't figure it out.  Tick, tick, tick...


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Where Am I?

For a not usually busy person, I've been busier than a one-armed paper hanger, with the hives!  It's been a while since I've posted a blog, but tons of things have been going on.  By the time I wade through my emails and the blogs I'm faithful to, I don't have the energy, or a clear enough thought, to post my own.  Since my last real post, so much has happened.  "Tink" began running fever on a Sunday.  By the time she managed to get a doctor appointment, on Thursday, she tested positive for Type A Influenza and began treatment for Swine Flu.  Needless to say, she wasn't able to enjoy Halloween nearly as much as she should have.  She was feeling good enough to put on her costume and do a little Wii bowling.  Sure is nice to have the old Tink back.  I hate when my babies are sick.

The puppies are huge!  I'm still babysitting at my Daughter's house, because momma Lucky can't be confined all day.  Can't imagine what they, or I, will do in the next few weeks.  She can't be left alone, to her own devices, without supervision.  That dog craps like a cow and, when you've gotta go, you've gotta go.  If I could poop like that dog, I wouldn't weigh more than 2 pounds!  Just one of her movements, every few days and I'd be a new person.  A much lighter person.  I've tried to stress the need for a back-up plan for when the puppies are able to escape the box.  Young people don't see the need to think that far in advance.  Their reasoning, or lack thereof, escapes me.  I'm a thinker.  Everyone accuses me of over-thinking.  I try to think things through, nine ways to Sunday, before making a decision.  Who will my decision effect, what are the ramifications of my decision, what could the potential outcome or unexpected outcomes involve...  I do have vague memories of being young and not thinking things through.  It didn't work for me then and it doesn't work for me now.

I have two sons and a nephew in the AC business.  Thursday night my breaker on my AC decide to wimp out on me.  Do you think any of them were available?  Heck, no!  All of them were headed out of town.  They suggested I call my cousin, to see if he could help me out.  He was headed to Florida.  Thank goodness the weather has been cooler.  Texas, without AC, is not acceptable.  It is still quite stuffy in the house, but I'm thankful it isn't August.

To my wonderful, amazing Aunt Lois, who's birthday Tea Party I missed due to potential Swine Flu exposure...  "HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!"  She had an amazing turnout and I'm sorry I missed it.  Could never have forgiven myself if someone had gotten sick and thought it was my fault.  This woman raised 8 kids and there's not a throwaway in the bunch.  She has more grandkids and great grandkids than I can count.  Family gatherings are enormous.  Hope I get to see you all, sometime soon.  Thank you for the pictures, Linda.

One more thing before I end this...  To Blasé, who makes me think even more than I already do... "Thanks, I think!"  Pompous Ass?  Not sure yet, I'll get back with you on it.

Monday, October 19, 2009

October 20, 1971-2009

Back in early September my oldest son called me for a little help looking up information for my oldest grandddaughter's homework.  Seems the school wouldn't let them bring home the textbook.  Not sure how that works for families that don't have computer access.  During our struggle with the specific site designated for this assignment, and his confusion in trying to get to the same page I had managed to access, I told him to just type in the very long URL as I called it out.  We're talking L O N G web address!  It was getting late and we were already frazzled, so he says "Crap, Mom... let me get wifey, tell it to her, she types way faster than I do... I'M A PECKER!"  Hey, he said it, I didn't.  One of the rare times he and I are in total agreement.

Here it is October 19th, the eve of his birth, 38 years ago.  Can't believe it's been that long.


Daddy Sandwich with Pipper, Pecker and Special

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Holy Cow, I'm Exhausted!

I'm so tired even my tired is tired!  My feet feel like they are stove up into my knees and throbbing like a son of a gun.  Tile floors may be for some of you, but I hate them.  My feet never touch my tile floors.  One of the biggest (home) mistakes we've ever made.

Babysat with "Tink" at her house today and yesterday.  Daughter and Son in law have tile floors.  Took my sneakers and should have been smart enough to put them on, but stayed in my flip flops because they were cooler.  Big mistake!  I'm paying dearly for it.

Don't normally babysit anywhere other than my house, but my beautiful Granddog, Lucky, had 10 puppies in the wee hours Thursday morning.  Mother and babies are doing great.  Granny, on the other hand, has seen better days.  Every time they squeaked, Tink was right there to make sure they were okay.  Between doing head counts, herding strays, finding teats, letting Lucky out, wiping her yuck, refilling the water bowl, keeping Lexy away from the puppies, entertained, fed, snacked and keeping the drag outs to a minimum, dishes, sweeping the patio... Calgon, take me away!  I much prefer being at my house, where the mess is the last thing I worry about and at least I know where everything is and have TVs and appliances that I know how to work.  I felt like a fish out of water that got stepped on while I was flopping around.  I can barely walk.  Hope tomorrow is better.  "PLEASE LET ME FEEL BETTER TOMORROW!"

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tough Decisions

Hubby and I have been discussing some tough topics lately.  We've been having to muddle through some issues we aren't sure how to deal with, nothing earth-shaking, just out of our range of knowledge.  His dad left some bonds to him and his brother.  About a third of them are already mature and the remainder will mature throughout the next few years.  Like I mentioned, nothing earth-shaking, just something that needs to be dealt with.  Dealing with this has brought up another issue that needs to be dealt with, that has managed to be put on a back burner for way too long.  

When my parents passed away within three weeks of each other, back in 1997, that was tough!  I am SO grateful they had made all their arrangements, ahead of time.  Earlier in their marriage, my Dad wanted to be cremated, so my Mom made her plans to be buried with her family in North Carolina.  When my Dad was diagnosed with cancer, he changed his mind and decided to be buried, instead of cremated.  He was able to convince my Mom to change her plans and transfer her burial here, with him.  I can't even imagine what turmoil our lives would have been in, had these arrangements not been made in advance.  My Dad was in the hospital, when my Mom died.  We were able to get him out and take him to the funeral.  We still feel like he only lived as long as he did, to make sure my Mom, his wife, was taken care of, so he could follow her.  If her funeral hadn't been changed, the majority of the family could not have afforded to attend, plus, there was no way my Dad could have made that trip to say his goodbyes.

Having dealt with that and being so determined our kids would not be put in the position to make decisions in the event of our death, we knew we need to plan ahead.  We didn't.  We let it slide.  

Five years ago, my Father-in-law passed away.  This renewed the idea that we needed to make our plans.  Once again, we didn't.  We let it slide.

Now, dealing with the will and the bonds has brought up just how lax we have been, in making our own plans.  It's such a depressing topic and very hard to think about, but I refuse to leave it to the kids, when our time comes.  Also, admitting to my husband that I don't want to have a funeral, or be buried, is hard.  He, on the other hand, wants that.  If I die, before he does, I want to be cremated.  When he passes, if possible, I want my ashes buried with him.  If he passes before me, just sprinkle me over his grave and be done with it.  I don't need a headstone, I don't want ANY flowers, give them to someone living.  When my time comes, don't make calls to people that haven't been around me for years.  If it hasn't mattered in years, it shouldn't matter when I'm dead.  I do NOT want my survivors coming to a cemetery, to remember me.  Remember how much I love you and that won't stop when I die... I won't be lingering in the cemetery, waiting for you to visit... I hope to be in Heaven!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Blog Failure!

I've discovered in trying to do this blog, I don't have what it takes.  (thanks, Blasé)  He really didn't say anything I didn't already know, but it did have a way of driving the point home.  I'm just a tired old Granny that takes care of a couple of Grandkids while my Daughter works and beyond that, I don't lead an interesting life.  Especially one worth blogging about.  Couple that with fatigue and brain damage and blogging is doomed to be a failure.  Must admit I only started a blog in order to keep up with some others that I really enjoy and to not have to leave comments anonymously, mine is no great loss. 

To those of you in the blogosphere with something interesting to say and the energy to say it... kudos!  To those who also are fortunate enough to have someone interested in reading what you have to say... double kudos.  "Keep up the good work!"

Think I'll go take a nap!  Right, like I'd ever be able to convince "Tink" to take a nap.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Today is a very special day, for a very special little girl.  Twink (short for Twinkle toes) turns 9 years old.  She is the dancing Granddaughter, sister of Tink (short for Tinkerbell).  This kid is something else!  She undoubtedly has a little bit of her Granny and Mommy in her and can cop an attitude in the blink of an eye.  God, I love this kid, the attitude... not always.  She and I can lock horns and the result may not be flattering to either of us.   This kid has spunk.  She's smart, sassy, not a picky eater and has the ability to go far in this world, if she plays her cards right.  Her "other" Grandparents have afforded her the ability to dance for the past 5 years, introduced her to musicals, the river, Disney World and tons of things she may otherwise not have been able to experience. (especially if it had been up to me, I'm a hermit)  Thank you Nana and Poppy!

Twink, Granny and Pop Pop love you very much and wish you only good things in your life.  Here's hoping your first year of competitive dance is everything you want it to be.  "Break a leg!"  

"Have a very Happy 9th Birthday!"



Friday, September 4, 2009


Had to make a correction to that last post. I said I used Cortisone and it was supposed to be Hydrocortisone. I buy the Walgreen's brand and it is very inexpensive. We started using it for my Granddaughter's eczema, nine years ago and have kept it on hand, since. I buy the cream, the ointment is too greasy!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

How Did That Happen?

Around lunchtime Tuesday, I was making spaghetti noodles for Tink. That's the one thing I try to keep handy, just in case I can't get her to eat anything else. She will usually always eat "Yoodles" with butter and garlic. Was using my regular, two handled pot. Now I've been making noodles for years. Spaghetti is a regular meal in this house. It's simple and cheap... just like me. I can't count the number of times I've made it. Never in a millions years, could I imagine what happened, actually happening.

I always break my spaghetti into two inch pieces. Saves tons of time when you get down to the eating. Got it boiled, no problem. Now comes the time to drain it. All this should have involved was lifting the pot and rotating just a little, to the sink. That's when the strangest thing happened. I grabbed the two handles with pot-holders, went to lift and... the pot came up a little... met with some clanging resistance... boiling pasta water came pouring over my left wrist and onto the stove, cabinet door and floor, spattering at my feet. I screeched, did a quick assessment, noting how extremely lucky it was that Tink wasn't standing there with me, like she usually is. Thank you, "Caillou" for diverting her attention. Had she been standing there, it could have been tragic!

You know the loop on the edge of a pot-holder? I think they are for hanging, but mine are so well used, they aren't hung for display. Somehow, that stupid loop got around the cast iron burner on the stove. When I went to lift the pot, the burner lifted, at least until the two refused to move together. That's went the water took the path of least resistance.

Ok, that water was boiling hot and it had just poured over my wrist. I'm amazed I'm not writhing in pain and feeling quite lucky this hasn't been more of a disaster. Turned on the cold water, which in Texas isn't even remotely cold, but still drastically cooler than the boiling water. Still doing good and feeling lucky. On to the clean-up and relighting of the drowned out pilot.

About five minutes into this process, my wrist starts to hurt. I'm not talking a little discomfort, I'm talking pain. I've given birth to four kids. I'm a tough cookie. One of my kids was over 9 pounds and I gave birth with no pain medication, whatsoever. This has me in "crap the pants, throw-up" pain! What now, I've got a child to care for, I can't be in this kind of pain! I reached for the first thing available, right there in plain sight on the kitchen counter... the Hydrocortisone cream! This stuff stays on the counter because Tink is a skeeter magnet. I applied this gingerly to my very red wrist and the pain was immediately GONE! OMG! This stuff is amazing! It even took the red out. Just a few minutes before, it looked like a raw piece of meat and now it's just a light shade of pink.

Two days later and all that's left is a very small, pink area. It never blistered. The only problems I've had since, are minor, like when hot water got on it and when I was drying my hands and the towel got it.

Pretty good luck for a person that doesn't usually consider herself lucky. Need to remember to get more, next time I'm out. (Hydrocortisone that is, not luck... you can't buy that!)

Monday, August 31, 2009

Vitamin Gumball

"Tink" got here about 11:15 today, Mommy is working a later shift. She usually gets here with some little something or other she brings from home. She likes to present it to me and expects my approval. Today, with her treasures, she had what appeared to be a wrapped jawbreaker. I asked my daughter if that's what it was and she said "no, it's a vitamin gumball." That thing was as big around as a nickel! I've seen kids choke before and it's not a pretty sight! Needless to say, I was concerned, but tried not to go all postal and just keep an eye out, in case she turned blue. She managed to chew it down to a wad of gum without a problem. I calmly instructed her not to swallow it! Well, calmly might be a bit exaggerated, but I did tell her "DON'T SWALLOW IT, GIVE IT TO GRANNY WHEN YOU DON'T WANT TO CHEW IT ANYMORE!"

She was chewing along well, when she told me (somewhat dramatically) she was feeling sick. I asked her what was wrong and she said she needed to eat so she would feel better. Hum, wonder where she's heard that... I'll take the Fifth Amendment! Anytime this child volunteers to eat without bloodshed, I'm game. I head off to the kitchen to fix her some lunch.

When I get back with the plate, I asked her to give me her gum. She got a strange look on her face and opened her mouth... NO GUM! I asked her where it was, she was too afraid to answer. "DID YOU SWALLOW IT? GRANNY TOLD YOU NOT TO SWALLOW IT!" She looked up at me with those big blue eyes and I couldn't raise any more fuss. It was plain to see she knew she'd screwed up, and after all, this too shall pass. It had better pass!

Who could resist such a sweet face? Not this Granny, for sure.

Friday, August 28, 2009

The New Gadget

The hubby is always bringing home something from work for the plant not having any lost time accidents. Increases in pay would be good, but they choose to invest tons of money in Safety Awards, instead. We've gotten coffee mugs, shirts, a first aid kit, a weather radio and other stuff that I can't recall at the moment. The latest thing to come home, (along with two mugs) was a pedometer/step counter, with pulse meter.

This tiny little gadget displays the time, number of steps, calories burned and a sensor to check your pulse. Did I mention how tiny this thing is? Programming it was a real trick. When you press the mode button, the print is so tiny I had to get out the magnifying glass. I could have used a couple of extra hands, or someone from the younger generation to just do it for me. Even the directions were in micro-print! (the read-out display IS easy to read, thank goodness) At least some of the modes got programmed... though I'm not real sure what I put in. It asks for your weight, which in my case is 110 pounds... 15 pounds above my ideal weight. I "think" that's what I entered, but don't know how to go back and check!

The idea is to clip it to your waist and let it count your steps and to check your pulse occasionally. Then it calculates the calories you have burned.

I put it on around noon yesterday and took it off around 11:40 pm last night. I didn't leave the house and my house is small. It calculated I had taken around 3,000 steps, which is about a mile. I didn't think that was too shabby until I read the calories burned... a mere 76! At that rate, the extra 15 pounds is not going to budge!

There are other activities said to burn many more calories, in a much shorter amount of time!!!

I'm going to stay fat!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

August 25, 1946/2009

This photo is 63 years old and so is the person in it.
(Ok, this photo is actually 62 years old... I stand corrected. The person in it is 63!)


Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I've mentioned "Tink" before, but sometimes, something happens that's worth sharing. (She's not yet five and looks about three) Being the picky eater she is, I try my very best to get her to eat something other than complete sugary junk. We do really great as long as there aren't others around, who shall remain nameless, to cater to her food aversions with the easy way out. As "Granny" I prefer to attempt other methods first. With age comes wisdom.

When she got here this afternoon, she had already eaten frosted Cheerios at home and was wanting another bowl of cereal for lunch. After recovering from the apoplexy this caused me, I told her she needed to eat some FOOD! It took a little coaxing, but she agreed to eat some potato cakes. I gave her a few Goldfish to nibble on, while I made them and cut up some
strawberries to go with it. She didn't even wait for them to cool, before she began shoveling it in. As she neared the last few bites, she mentioned they were too big. I said, "no problem... look, they're easy to cut" to which she replied... "yeah, and I'm not lame!"

As I typed that last line, she just walked up and asked me for Cheerios, again. I told her she didn't need any, she just ate. She said "and I (meaning herself) just need to chill out!" Gotta love it!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I Dare You!

Have you ever been told you should let sleeping dogs lie? Very good advice! Wake a sleeping dog and you are at risk to have your jugular vein ripped to shreds or your arm torn off. That being said, if you lived with a really cranky person that doesn't sleep well, stretched out in a recliner with their eyes closed, would you say... are you napping? Mind you, the person asking has nothing more to say and cranky person's hair isn't on fire and there is no emergency at the current moment. Or, cranky person is laying on the couch, with eyes closed and also, still not on fire or in an emergency situation... would you ask if they are going to take a nap? Did I mention EYES CLOSED?

Just curious to see if anyone else suffers this or dares to ask these critical questions, or if I'm just blessed.

GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I'm the cranky person! You were probably smart enough to figure that one out. Any burning questions you need to ask, SINCE I'M AWAKE!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Guess He's Mine!

My oldest Son was on his email recently and I happened to see his chat light on. After the second attempt to start a gab session, he finally responded. During our messaging back and forth, he told me they had gotten my Granddaughter her own laptop. Since I really, really want one, he was explaining things to me about a PC. I have a MAC that I love and am used to, but it is very different from a PC. Plus, my computer is set up in a room that gets quite toasty in the summer, even though it has its own AC unit. Now that Hubby is starting to be on here, way more than I prefer, I have to share. I don't play well with others and I HATE TO SHARE!

I had already seen my Son's Netbook and was satisfied this is what I would aim for, when he told me they had found the 15", cheaper than his. Rather than keeping on trying to explain by typing, I had him call me on the phone to give me more details. Being that I'm more of a "see it" than "hear" about it person, he decided to bring them over so I could compare the two.

I was impressed with both! Just the thought of having a wireless laptop, that I could take to my favorite chair and get email alerts with sound rather than refreshing to check, sounded excellent. My MAC doesn't have audible email alerts. After losing it once to lightning and having to unplug the ethernet cable each time it storms, wireless sounds wonderful. I was ready to go out and get one, either one, both were fine with me. I loved the small size of the Netbook, but I also loved the bigger screen of the 15", due to crappy eyesight. I could feel a shopping trip coming on. It's something special for me to feel like leaving my house. This was definitely motivating me to get out!

While walking him to the car, still chatting about laptops, I spotted his GPS. Since that was one of the few things I wanted on my new car and didn't end up getting because I'm too cheap, I questioned him about it and whether it was hard to use. This started another discussion that led to him telling me to hop in, so he could take me around the neighborhood to show me. I'm not afraid to drive, but I am terrified of getting lost. My brain can't figure things out sitting at home, much less when you have freeway options in umpteen different directions! When I do venture out, it's usually within 10 miles of home and rarely on a freeway and certainly not by myself. Actually, 5 miles is more in my comfort zone and that's only if I can force myself to get out of the house at all.

Seeing the GPS opened up a whole world of options for me. Being able to feel comfortable, IF I decided to go somewhere and not getting lost seemed almost too much to fathom. I was so excited I made the statement that if I had to choose between the laptop and the GPS, I thought I'd have to go with the GPS, to which my Son said... "Mom, you don't need a GPS to get to the corner Chevron!"

What a smarta$$! Guess he comes by it honest, after all, he is my Son.

Well, mister smarty... I've decided to get BOTH! Since I raised you, I figure I've earned it! So there! Pfffffft!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Old Favs

Everybody has an article of clothing that is special, for whatever reason. It could be a pair of jeans, broken in, faded, comfortable, that no matter how worn they get you just can't bear to part with them. You have them too, right? A team jersey that holds memories of good times, goofy Hawaiian shirt, sweats, old tee shirts, or maybe outfits that no longer fit, but we hold out hope that by some miracle we just might lose those unwanted pounds and be able to wear them again. I have whole wardrobes of those. Not going to happen, but I keep hoping.

Being a vertically challenged person, with extra weight in the middle, makes shopping a real chore for me. Height-wise, the children's department is my best option, especially if items are loose, or they make it in a chubby. If I'm lucky enough to find things, I usually buy multiples in different colors. I hate to shop, so anything that works gets my vote. I'll pick five or six, pay, get out and go home.

Is it just my opinion, or do the retailers think we live in some third world country where people are starving? Everything is geared toward some twig thin, underdeveloped stick figure! This is America... people eat. Research shows we are a fat nation. Get with the program and design some clothes to accommodate regular bodies that don't live at the gym. We count too!

Ok, that was a little detour and I apologize. My mind tends to wander and before I know it, I'm off on some tirade.

I have a crazy tee shirt I love! Bought it cheap, it's thin, wider at the bottom, has a stick thin gal with a glass of wine and a saying that suits me. It says... "I'm an acquired taste". That's me, for sure! I can't remove Ms. Twig, but I am considering dragging out the paint and giving her some flaws... for added comfort!

I should give that gal some extra baggage, less cleavage, messy hair and spotty skin! It would make me feel better. That, I could do. Too bad I'm not artistic enough to change that wine into a margarita!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's Official!

For quite some time I've been complaining that my brain doesn't work. I do my best to keep it hidden from the public, but people close to me might agree I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer. A couple of years ago, someone sent me an email, you know the one with the silhouette of the spinning girl? The first time I received it the girl appeared to spin in both directions. Don't believe the explanation came with that one. If she spins to the left, you are left brained, right, right brained, both means you use both sides of your brain and are likely a genius. My cousin and I laughed and thought it was crazy that we could see her change, back and forth. Got that same email again, recently. No matter how long I looked at it, that stupid girl never went to the left! Checked later, no luck. Thought maybe I was just having more of an "off" day than usual. Went back today hoping that girl would spin to the left for me. Oh, heck no! She refused! "WITCH!" So, I guess it's time to face the facts. The left side of my brain is no longer working. I told you. This is one of those "I told you so" moments that brings no pleasure, whatsoever!!! Now it's official. I'm praying it's not permanent. I'll check back on the witch later... much later! It's going to take some time to adjust and... I'm only working with half a brain.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Kids! You never know what to expect. "Tink" is certainly no exception to that theory. Unhappy to happy, all in the same panties. My youngest granddaughter has missed me lately. My Daughter quit her job a good while back, to be a stay a home Mommy. Seemed like a wonderful idea at the time, at least until my son in law lost his job almost eight months ago. When she was offered her old job back a few days ago, she took it. On her third day back at work, Son in law got a call back to his former job. He called and asked me to watch Tink, so he could fill out paperwork and attend a Safety Council meeting. I was nervous and totally unprepared for what to expect with babysitting again. I'm out of practice. The main problem with Tink is getting the child to eat. It can be a real battle. Just when you think you are on to something that works, she decides she doesn't like it. Other than that, she's a pretty good kid.

When my daughter got off yesterday, (son in law was still filling out paperwork) she came to pick up Tink. She cried. Did not want to go home, she wanted to stay with Granny. While this melts my heart, I can only imagine the pain it causes my Daughter. Thank goodness she realizes, as I do, the new will wear off and that Tink adores her. Since Daughter was not scheduled to work the next day (today) and Tink was crying, I told her Granny would see her and Mommy tomorrow, thinking we could spend some much needed time together, while son in law was at work. I've missed that.

Forward to today... son in law didn't get to start the job. More paperwork and security checks and wasted dollars doing the same BS again. I won't get into that. Decided to keep our date to get together and include him in the mix. Had he not been there, what ended up happening would not have happened. Tink, being the picky eater she is, nearly fell out of the chair when she saw her plate. Her lip was on the floor. She loves chicken nuggets, just not used to seeing them in pinwheel shapes. My body tensed in preparation for the embarrassing tirade I was sure would erupt at any moment. Just prior to Mount Saint Tinks eruption, son in law tore one in half and managed to convince her that it was indeed chicken nuggets. Volcano capped, eruption minimal... situation under control. Then it happened! Tink spots her daddy's Adam's apple. Thought daddy had something wrong with his neck. He jokingly told her it was a frog in his throat. She reached with concern to touch it... he swallowed... it rose and fell. The look on that child's face was priceless! Fear, concern, panic and more, all rolled into one amazing little face. No camera could have captured it, even if we'd had one aimed and ready to shoot. It happened too quick. She had no clue why four adults were falling out of their chairs, laughing. Her concern was for the frog in daddy's throat. She told him to open his mouth, so she could get it out. I offered her a fork!!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Stirring A Memory

I had a memory! Used to have a million. Somewhere along the way, they got lost. Not totally lost, just pushed down under the garbage of daily living. Takes a lot to stir them up. On rare occasions someone manages to make one surface. I recently had one of those occasions.

Our local paper used to carry a column written by Mark Hayter, a man that grew up in my hometown. Reading them became a way for me to access things long forgotten. He writes about memories of the old neighborhood, school, family, parents and daily living. Things most people can remember without much prodding. People other than me. Might be the old... use it or lose it phenomenon. I stay so tucked away, isolated in my home and rarely attempt to maintain contact with people. Not because I don't have a desire to be around others, it's more of a safety mechanism. Protection for them as well as myself. Depression and chemical sensitivities have a way of doing that. Never know what might set me off. Combine that with dread, fear and never ending fatigue... I can be volatile! Trust me, I'm safer at home.

Back to the reason for this post. Mark's column disappeared from the local paper. Lots of other things, too. Mostly the paper became, for lack of another description, obsolete. With a rapidly growing population, it should have increased, not the other way around. It has dwindled to a mere few pages of not very newsworthy news. I called to inquire the reasons for the decline, as well as the shoddy service and the disappearance of Mark's column. Was given nothing more than polite lip-service. But, and this is a big but... not long after, I found Mark! Oldest Son had created a MySpace page for me and I found Mark's sister Jill, on our high school alumni page. Sent her a message saying how much I missed her brother's writings. That one message started a whole new friendship, along with access to Mark's column. He is still in other papers, just not mine. Mark and his brother Al have a wonderful site called "From The Rooftop". I won't even try to explain everything those guys have going on. If you get a chance, you should visit. My friend Jill visits her brothers on the Rooftop, all the time. Close family. Plenty of room up there. I'm sure they would welcome you to join them. Tell them I sent you. Good folks I tell you and funny, too. If those guys can stir up my dormant memories, imagine what they could do for someone with active brain cells. You might feel the urge to start a blog or something. You never know!

Here's the address.

Jilly, Mark and Big Al... Thanks for the memories!

*In case you're wondering why the print is bigger, a couple of people complained that because of the black background and small print, they were having some trouble reading my little blog. I like the black background so I compromised and made the print bigger. Don't worry little Sister! I didn't tell anyone it was you and me that compla
ined about the small print. Our secret is safe. Nobody has to know we have crappy, old lady eyesight. Now if I could just figure out how to make text messages larger!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

July 2, 1999/2009

Daddy feeding "Special Angel" breast milk in a bottle, not long after she was born. That was one of the few things he couldn't do on his own... nurse the baby. Other than that, he had it all under control. Can't wait to see how he handles the teen years!

Ten years ago on this date, my very first Grandchild was born. Hard to believe that much time has passed. Her birth was special in more ways than one. The fact that she was our first is something in its own right. The fact she was born in my home makes it extraordinary! Her Mommy (and Daddy and Dixie) had just come to stay with us, so she wouldn't be by herself across town. My oldest Son had just started a new job and there was a good chance he might be out of pocket. Her due date was ten days away when labor started. I had to inform her she was in labor, she had no clue. My daughter and I had been secretly timing her, just from the funny little looks she would get on her face during contractions. She didn't believe me. Son made it home and we called family and a few friends to join us. Her folks were a couple of hours away, but drove lightning speed and made it fine. The house was filled with people. Not long after the midwife, her daughter and a close family friend that was training to be a midwife got here, my "Special Angel" was born. Other than quiet cheers and a few happy tears, there was no screaming involved. Her Mommy had her without any obvious pain, and was quiet as a church mouse. She and the baby got into a tub of something herbal and soothing afterward. I did get a few fingerprint bruises from Mommy gripping my upper arms as she was pushing. Such a small price to pay. My youngest Son videoed the entire delivery and a room full of people got to witness the birth. Have to say that was one of the most amazing times in my life. I've been involved in births before, but when your child is having a child of their own, it's different.


*Three granddaughters have followed over the years and though they can't claim to be the first... each one is "Special" in their own way. I was blessed to be able to witness their births as well. Miracles, all!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Darn This Weather!

Going to burn up like this poor plant, if we don't get some rain soon! Nights aren't even giving respite from the extreme heat. Pool water feels like a warm bath! Parking lots have become a danger zone for more reasons than just criminal activity. Have you had to walk on one lately? Melts your flip-flops in just a few steps. You could darn well die! Once your body hits the concrete, it'll fry and be totally unrecognizable. Might not be bad for me to be unrecognizable, but most of you don't look as bad as I do. Might want someone to be able to identify your body. I plan to be cremated anyway, just not in the parking lot! Mosquitoes don't seem to be phased one bit, suckers could live through anything. Moving to Alaska sounds mighty tempting. My friend Jilly would probably go with me. Girl hates the heat even more than I do, if that's possible.

Wasn't all that long ago we were dealing with flooding on a pretty regular basis. Kept wishing it would stop. Seemed like every few days the water would rise and then we would be dealing with the jerks insisting on parading down the street, pushing water into cars and houses. Stupid people give no thought as to how their actions will effect others. Don't seem to give two hoots! Mind you, if it was their house or car, they would scream bloody murder.

Now that the rain has stopped, we are sweltering! We haven't had rain in quite some time. Hubby has been doing a rain dance, to no avail. He's been watering the yard faithfully, but even that is a royal pain in the butt due to the extreme HEAT! A person could die from heat stroke just being outside. Heart felt sympathies to anyone that has to be in it to earn a living. Sure would be nice if there could be a happy medium. Not too hot, not too wet. Won't even get going on the electric bill. That sucker is sky high and it's still June! Can't imagine what it will be in August. Won't even have to post a blog... you'll hear me hollering!

Whether you have to be, or choose to be out in the heat, remember to drink plenty of fluids and don't forget your sunscreen. My choice will be to stay inside, in the expensive AC. Since we have no control over the weather... THANK GOODNESS FOR AIR CONDITIONING! (at least I can control that)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

My, How Time Flies!

Just a few of the flowers from the recital
Making a sour face at her Daddy, I think
Another dance year over!

My granddaughters are certainly growing up fast! Saturday night was my second one's fifth dance recital, she'll be 9 in September. She has been dancing for five whole years. That's longer than a lot of relationships. Time sure does have a way of moving faster as I get older. Wish I could slow the process down a little. The third one just turned 7 at the end of last month. The first one will be 10 next month and the youngest will turn 5 in November. Every time they have a birthday, I feel my age even more. My own kids birthdays really kick my butt! My oldest will be 38 in October. Where did the time go? The years have not been kind to me, but the grandkids still are... most of the time... well, ok... some of the time, as long as I don't disagree with them. Good Lord, they're just like their parents, they aren't kind when I disagree with them either!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Alma Mater

Most of my earlier education came from the School of Hardknocks. I wasn't the ideal student in the beginning, but once on-track became a hard-working, eager learner. Motherhood made for some tricky scheduling as my life became more involved. My educational path did allow credit for on the job experience! While working on my Ph.D., in Philosophy at CSU. (Common Sense University) people questioned my choice. CSU was (and still is) under a lot of financial pressure, as you can imagine. Statistically speaking, it has few graduates and high drop-out rates. Most people do not choose to attend this Institute of Higher Learning. On the plus side, the fact it is Co-Ed and has low student/teacher ratios and the education from CSU will provide students and graduates with better choices than most. They've had issues keeping instructors, but most who stay are tenured and remain year after year, despite low pay, low incentives and even lower morale.

In spite of the minuses presented, CSU graduates come away with credentials that make them an asset in all walks of life. As a current CSU educator, I hope to see you enroll soon. You won't regret it, I promise!

Some of the classes and lectures I'm currently involved in:

Life Lessons 101
Financial Planning
Family & Pets
*Remedial Financial Planning

Life Lessons 201
Options & Bailouts
Marriage Pitfalls
Family & Pets
Relatives & In-Laws
**Remedial Financial Planning

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sweet dreams?

As a young child, the version of the nighttime prayer taught to me was:

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep,
If I should die before I wake,
I pray the Lord my soul to take.

I remember this scared the poop out of me! Upon completion of this verse, I would follow it with God bless Mommy, Daddy, Sister, Grandma, Grandpa... the list went on... The whole time I'm asking God to bless everybody, my young mind was thinking, "God, don't let me die!" "I don't want to die in my sleep!" "I want to wake up in the morning!" This prayer was downright scary to me, but I prayed it anyway, fearing that if I didn't ask God to bless everybody he might forget and it would be my fault. Tough concept for a child.

Now that I'm old, it doesn't scare me anymore. The thought of dying in my sleep is rather comforting, except for the fact someone from the Medical Examiner's Office would have to wade through my house, let alone my bedroom, to haul my dead carcass out. That thought does bother me!

Several years ago, I found some stuffed animals that had a button you could push and it recites another version of this prayer.

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep,
Your love be with me through the night,
And wake me with the morning light.

I liked these so much, I bought two! No point torturing the Grandkids with the other version... life's hard enough. No point adding more pressure.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday was a "Good Day!"

Father and Son
Happy 30th Birthday, Matt!

My youngest Son turned 30 today! Bless his heart, he is one fine person. He reminds me so much of his Dad. He is calm, easygoing, smarter than all get out AND... still loves me! I'm not an easy person to love, but he does it unconditionally. Has never hesitated or been embarrassed to tell me so and does it on a regular basis. Why some girl hasn't snatched him up is beyond me. I wouldn't want just any girl to snatch him up, mind you. He deserves the very best. Someday he will make the best husband and a great dad. He is fantastic with children and isn't afraid to share himself and be silly with them. Even if he weren't my Son, I would admire him and there aren't many people I feel are deserving of admiration. Very few, in fact.

As this day is coming to an end, I'd like to say it one more time...

Happy Birthday, Special Angel! You make me so proud. God Bless You!

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Beast

Well, as several of you know, yesterday was a fiasco! I thought I was brave trying to do something new on the computer. I wound up being a sniveling fool! Seemed simple enough, at first. Put a few things on the blog planning to add more later as I got the hang of it. Then it happened... Daughter came by and needed to use my computer. Told her I was in the middle of something, but would log off so she could do her thing. Later, after she and the family left, I logged back in to try to see what further damage I could do. Logged into email just fine. Could not... for love or money... access my blog... my new, "on my own" brave little creation. I never really intended to make much of a blog to begin with. Just a way to follow some others and be able to comment, without being anonymous and for them to know I wasn't a maniac stalker. Maniac... yes, that's a mental issue, sorry. Stalker... no, just interested. Couldn't do it! Computer refused to cooperate. Tried forever! Tried Summer, a friend with a nice blog, no answer. Crap! Tried Jilly, another friend whose brothers have a wonderful blog I follow. She was on her way to Conroe, to see one of the brothers. Offered to let me speak to one of them, to see if they could guide me. No way I was going to let one of them listen to me bawling like a baby! Jilly knows I'm an idiot, the brothers have never been privy to my lunatic idiocy. I'd like to keep it that way, at least as long as I can. Quick... try Summer again... she answered! Thank goodness! First suggestion she made, when I told her what was going on, was to shut down the BEAST and re-boot! Said sometimes the thing just gets overwhelmed. I KNOW THIS, IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME! Having never done the blog thing, I just naturally figured I had screwed something up. It had to be my fault, right? Everything else is. So, I shut this puppy down, re-booted, and "Voila" the blog was there. It really wasn't my fault. (this time) I was able to tell Jilly thanks for offering to sacrifice a brother. Whew, what a relief. Summer calmly guided me through a few more things without any criticism. Bless you, Summer! What happens next is... gulp... up to me... gulp.

*To my little sister, whose advice was... take a deep breath, relax, step away from it for a while. You'll figure it out, you always do. Thank you! I love you and you deserve more than you get. You are my shoulder to lean on and understand me better than I understand myself sometimes. You've earned the right to call me "Jane" (Fonda). Thanks for being my sounding board as well as a best friend.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Heaven Help Me!

I know very little about creating a blog. I have several that I follow and my only hope at this point is to not embarrass myself too much. My outspoken honesty gets me into more trouble than I'm able to get myself out of. My sarcasm is caustic and known to burn. I'm very opinionated. Enough for now until I get the hang of this.

Just trying to figure it out!