Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Thoughts For Tuesday

Things have been anything but the usual around here.  Much more activity with an extra body in the house.  Especially an extra body that has a heart pump.

Mike is doing well.  Still adapting to life being much different than before he got sick.  He has clinic on Wednesday, for blood work to check medication levels and a pump rate adjustment.  I'm not exactly sure why they adjust the speeds, all this is still new to me.  What I do know is that after checking his drive line in his abdomen, they re-taped it with heavy duty tape that tore his skin off!  I just might have to stick a note on it to remind them to use different tape, although I doubt he will forget to mention it.  For someone that's on blood thinners, pulling skin off is not an option.

We have been walking the track next door and he's up to two miles.  The past two nights have been extremely windy and quite cool, so we've held off on the walking.  Also, there was a grass fire that made the area really smoky.  It was a controlled burn, but I can't believe anyone in their right mind would choose such a windy time to do that.

I'm looking forward to things getting easier and more comfortable and us being able to get out and shoot some photos.  I've already forgotten so much, I'll have to relearn it!  Mike can help me, he knows photography much better than I do.

For the bloggers with snow, stay warm and safe and here's to spring finding you, soon!



Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

An Oops, Update And An Uh Oh

The oops is to anyone that was hit with spam when my email was hacked.  I'm so sorry.  I think everything is okay now.   

The update... Michael is doing well!  After the last update about the two good days, he had to get shocked again.  That was on Monday.  He did great with it this time and they were able to get a good sinus rhythm.  Shortly after, he ate a full meal and has been doing darn good since.  He was transferred to a different floor and is no longer in an ICU.  The room has doors and walls and a real bathroom, with a door.  (no longer a prison toilet)  All drains and IVs are removed and he is free to move around without the tethers that were such a hindrance.  Most people leave this floor and go to the rehabilitation floor.  They think he is in such good shape, he won't need to go to rehab.   

Now comes the uh oh.  They are talking about letting him go homeWe're scared to death to be responsible for taking care of him, out of a hospital environment, where there are nurses and doctors available around the clock! Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers and wish us good luck.  We're going to need it!

I hope to get back to regular reading and responding in the next week, or so.  I miss you all!