Saturday, March 27, 2010

Always An Uh Oh!

Trying to learn not to get excited over things.  Hard for someone who scrutinizes things nine ways to Sunday.  What might happen?  Who will be effected?  What else will this cause?  Don't count your chickens, before they hatch... ripple, ripple... just the usual things that go through my mind.

Been waiting for a good while to get the MAC up to snuff, more memory, etc... AND to get my new laptop.  Was supposed to get it last weekend and that went south.  This weekend, my computer guru was going to be busy, so he decided to come out after working all day Thursday.  He gets here around 7pm and begins opening the shipping box containing parts and whatnot, as well as my new laptop.  Decides he will do that first, since it will be the easiest.  Opens the box and low and behold... the laptop is WHITE!  We're talking BRIGHT WHITE!  Crap, I couldn't even find the coffee maker I wanted in white and we ended up having to get black.  Now, you can't even see the coffee!  Black, metallic, stainless steel looking everything nowadays.  Had absolutely no clue this laptop would be white.  White will not last 5 minutes in this house and will stick out like a sore thumb where I had intended to put it.  Already, I'm not a happy camper.  Next step, attach the wireless router to the modem.  EEEENNH!  Not happening.  Seems the wireless router won't work on my thingamajig.  Back in the box it goes, to be shipped back and upgraded to the higher priced one.  Oh well, I've waited this long.

Next up on the agenda, the MAC.  He gets out the whatchamacallit to save everything on and can't get it to start collecting my stuff.  That was the next problem.  Off to the store to buy a USB cord, that he didn't have with him and didn't think he would need and we didn't seem to have around here.  First store didn't have one, second store did.  Manages to get that show on the road.  Process didn't take long, like my brain, there wasn't much in there.  Opens the MAC, adds the RAM without any problem.  Whew, I was sweating that one, even though he was confident.  Begins transferring saved data back and it's a blur from there.  Things didn't go well.  Stuff started to spit, sputter and spew.  Everything seemed to be in slow motion.  Instillation had to be restarted.  More slow motion.  He's tired, I'm overly anxious.  He has to go to work Friday morning and may not get any sleep at the rate things are going... or not going.  Finally managed to get things on track, but my photo application isn't here.  Crap!  Printer has to be reinstalled.  Crap, again!  All the software has to be updated.  Hummmmm!  It's that dark cloud that seems to hang around me.  Anyone that is anywhere near, will undoubtedly be effected by that cloud.  

Guru left for the long drive home around 1am.  Managed to update the software myself.  Still don't have my printer or photo application.  It will have to wait.  Everything looks totally different.  Must learn to get used to it.  Trying to be positive...


Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Rose

You could call me a night person.  My kids are grown, hubby is a shift worker and on the days he's working, he's gone about 14 hours.  I can do pretty much what I want, when I want to do it.  I log on to the computer when I get up and stay on it until I go to bed.  (except when I have to share with hubs)

I don't stay in front of the computer ALL day long, rather just walk in here, hit refresh and check to see if I have mail, or if someone has posted something new.

Imagine my surprise, when I came in the other morning around 4:30 and saw an email from a fellow blogger, left at 4:23.  I was shocked!  The subject said: Rose Header For Blog.  I opened the email and found the sweetest message.  She said she had seen a really pretty rose that morning and thought of me.  So she made my new rose header.  (and I was actually able to get it on here)  Thank you so much for thinking of me Karen @ This Old House.  It's people like you that make blogging worthwhile, and not just because you made my new header, but because you are a really nice person, even when you keep me in the sinnin' corner.  Because everyone knows... envy is a sin and that house keeps me green with envy!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tag, You're It

Seems Deborah, over at Fashion Plate-Hungry For Style, has seen fit to involve me in a photo tag.  Pretty much as soon as I read it, I knew there was going to be a little, bitty problem.  I knew the approximate time I got my digital camera and most probably was pretty sure what the first pictures would be.  I cringed a little bit and knew I was going to have to tweak it, ever so slightly.

My camera and computer are both rather old, for cameras and computers.  I got them both around the time my youngest granddaughter was born.  She's not at all old, for a kid, but... we don't apply the same age guidelines to technology stuff.

Back to my little story that is supposed to be attached with the picture...  My daughter was pregnant and since I had done a belly cast for her first pregnancy, I figured she needed one for the second.  After the cast was done (a major ordeal that involves a rather huge mess) and had time to cure, I set about to paint it.  Being the brainless person I am, I thought I would get all creative and make it look realistic.  Now I have pictures of that, but they are quite obscene looking.  So I will skip to the same belly cast, that was adjusted to preserve her modesty and my own.  The lighting was terrible, but that's what you get.  It's done in torn brown paper, which was a far cry from the first pregnancy cast, that was painted with clouds and butterflies and flowers.  I hope that doesn't scar "Tink" my youngest, too much.  

Here are the rules, even though I had to tweak them.  (hope you understand why)

1. Go to your first photo file and pick the 10th photo in it.
2. Tell the story behind the photo.
3. Tag 5 other people to do likewise.

To suffer with me, I am tagging the following:
1. Marla @ Butts And Ashes (ha ha back)
2. KW @ Some Things I Have Learned
3. GregoryJ @ Living My Life
4. Copyboy @ Not Worth Mentioning
5. Robyn @ RawknRobyns Gone Blog Wild

Your turn!  If I tagged someone that just got tagged, sorry.  I don't expect you to "play" again, so soon.  This is work, especially if your computer is as old as mine. 

Monday, March 22, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

Was supposed to get my new computer today, but somebody got schnockered last night and had a terrible hangover today.  Needless to say, it was not a good day for them to have to drive out AND think AND put up with me.  I'm stuck using my antiquated system.

GregoryJ, over at  Living My Life, has given me a Beautiful Blogger award.  Thanks Greg!  He has assured me he doesn't bite, so go visit him, pronto!

Here are the rules:
1. Thank the person who gave you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass the award along to 15 8 5 bloggers who you have recently discovered and you think are fantastic!
4. Contact the bloggers you've picked and let them know about the award.
Now, I am supposed to tell you 7 things about myself, which will be very hard for me. (you can already tell I don't follow the blogging rules)
1.  I love being a wife, mother and granny!
2.  I obsess about everything.
3.  I hate leaving my house.
4.  I'm a procrastinator.
5.  I'm a lousy cook.
6.  I'm not tech savvy.
7.  I'm less than 5 feet tall.
The 5 people I'm choosing for this award are:
Tracie @ Stir-Fry Awesomeness 
JennyMatlock  (doesn't do awards... read anyway)
Karen @ This Old House
I don't read lousy blogs, so please check these out.
Can't begin to tell you, how many times my computer has frozen up during this attempt.  Please make it worth the time it took me.

To my computer Guru... please hurry!

Now I'm keeping my fingers crossed, hitting publish post and hoping I don't lose my hard work.

Friday, March 19, 2010

My Inner Weirdo!

My horoscope says...

Indulge your inner weirdo today -- no matter who's watching. If someone calls you on it, just smile and pretend than you don't know what they're talking about. They can't get along without your eccentricities.
You've had quite the time over the past few days -- the past few weeks, even. You can take a breath now, however, because the heavens have arranged a break in the action. And you're probably quite happy to hear about that. The higher-ups you've been dealing with lately are probably relieved, too, because if anyone can be stubborn, you can. Fortunately, they're fond of you.

I think most everyone who takes the time to blog and comment, has reasons for doing so.  No matter the reason, may we all find compatible comfort, in the packs we choose. 

Thanks to my new followers and the ones who have been here a while.

I'm definitely eccentric and I always hope the weirdo part, is in a good way.    

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's A Brain Thing

Frequently, I'm accused of over-thinking.   Rightfully so.  Can't help the way my brain chooses to work, when it chooses to work.  Having said that, there is a commercial that drives me to distraction.  One about hand soap dispensers.  Talks about germs on it.  Ummm, yeah... there are germs and other stuff on our hands, which is why we are washing them.  I certainly don't plan to touch the dispenser AFTER I wash my hands!  So, what's your point?  Why would germs on the outside, be a problem?  I get the whole, wash your hands concept, but really, this one is a little hard for me to comprehend.  Don't think I'll be buying one of those automatic soap dispenser thingys.  They can just keep bombarding the airwaves and I'll just keep thinking.


This is for Marla, cuz she's the best and she asked nicely.

                     For Marla and Amy


Monday, March 15, 2010


Don't lose your temper, Attila! You need figure out a better way to deal with anger!

No matter how much you care for them or how benevolent you are, being kind to someone can only go so far. If you're sure they've taken advantage of you, trust your intuition and don't let this continue any longer. Your future demands that you let go of all baggage, including anyone and anything that's held you back from moving toward the opportunities that await you. (which includes myself) Get the show on the road with a confident attitude and a happy heart.

This is my horoscope for today.  I found much irony in it and it couldn't have come at a better time.  This is the same advice I have been given by some wonderfully inspiring people.  Thanks to each of you.  To the one I lost, who was always encouraging and respectful when they came to visit my bloghouse, thank you, too, you taught me much.  I wish you no hard bad feelings.        

March 15th

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad.  Celebrating in heaven, since 1997.  I miss you.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Letting Sleeping Blogs Lie

I'm going to use an analogy to describe the way I see myself and blogging.  I do not wish to offend anyone who chooses to read it.  I am even providing a key.

Blog Whisperer - Someone with understanding and knowledge as well as the ability to provide advice to others.  Who has a way of doing what they do, without disrespect to any breed, large or small.

Bloghouse - Ones own blog.

Blog Park - blogosphere

Pack - Followers

Peeing or Marking - Making comments

Sniffing - Reading, but not commenting

Chihuahua - Me

Chihuahuas are the smallest blog/dog breed, fiercely loyal and gets along well with other breeds.  Due to their small size and fragility, care must be taken to avoid injury from jumping off a tall surface, or stepping on them as they follow along at your feet.  They have also been known to cause injury to themselves, by charging after anything threatening, without regard for size differences.  While they may appear to shiver and tremble, it isn't always from fear.  Excitement, low blood sugar and discomfort are other possible causes.  Their small size makes them suitable in most any living arrangement.  They are alert and make ideal watchdogs.

While in my own bloghouse recently, an intelligent, larger breed, peed to mark some territory.  I yelped in surprise, then upon recognition, wagged to apologize for the yelp and received a growl.  I do not, for one minute, believe the intention was to rip me to shreds.  Nor were mine.

Ventured out to the blog park to socialize. Visited a pack members bloghouse, peed a small spot and was promptly bitten.  I lowered my head and was given a second bite, for being weak.  Chihuahuas are notoriously hard to housebreak, but with patience and the right method, it can be done.  (Instilling fear is probably not the best way to accomplish this)

Exhausted from trying to play with the big (blog) dogs, I retreated to my bloghouse to rest and recuperate, venturing out occasionally, to sniff some fresh air and being cautious not to pee in the wrong place.

This little chihuahua is well behaved.  She understands rules, boundaries and limitations, as well as exercise, discipline and affection.  She's learned a few tricks, which include... speak, sit, shake, fetch and... roll over and play dead.

Do not confuse rolling over and playing dead, with submission.  True submission comes from trust and respect and the feeling of protection from intruders or opposing pack members.

One of my young pups tried to explain me to a puppy pal... "If she likes you, she yaps, wags, sniffs and marks.  If she doesn't trust you, she is silent."

As long as I find more enjoyment than pain with blogging, I will continue.  There are some really wonderful people out there.  I read everyone I follow and will comment, frequently.  If I feel you need encouragement, I will be there to give it to you.  If I disagree, I will try not to comment.  If you encourage people to think and comment, but belittle them when they do, I will probably still follow and read, but will refrain from commenting.  I will never try to intentionally hurt someone with a comment or a post.  I may have the jaws of a Pit Bull, but never want to feel a need to use them here.  If you made it this far, thanks for joining me.  Hope to see you again, soon.  Feel free to hike or squat, pee or not.

Special thanks to my Blog Whisperer, Laura and my Guard Dog, Iggy and to each and every one of you, that choose to be members of my pack.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tweeeet... Personal Foul

Is blogging considered a sport?  If so, how many personal fouls does a player get, before being thrown out of the game?   I can't find my rule book and coach wouldn't give me one.  Would anyone care to loan me their copy?

My last post took an awkward turn, causing injuries that left me sidelined, on the bench, trying to recover.

I hope to recuperate and join you soon!  In the meantime, play on team!  I'll be rootin' for ya!