Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year And A Request

Michael is continuing to be pretty stable while waiting for a new heart.  He's had some ups and downs and being flat on his back is a huge issue.  He's dealing with it much better than I imagined he would, we just hope it won't be a long wait.  If something doesn't happen around the New Year holiday, he might opt to have the balloon pump relocated, so he can move his legs and be able to change positions.

His girls came up to the hospital on Christmas Eve and spent the night.  They decorated a Christmas tree and opened presents on Christmas morning.  He enjoyed getting to be a part of the celebration, even if he was confined to a bed.

We have a special request.  So many of you have said prayers and sent good thoughts and we would like to include you in a fantastic memory book his girls and their mother have put together.  If you would like to be included in this book, please email a photo of a thumbs up, or heart hands. (a selfie is great) We would love to include you, since you have been a huge part of this journey and a huge support system for us.  Please let me know in the title that you are including a photo.  I still haven't had time to respond to comments and emails, but I have saved each one and will try to get to them.

Wishing you a safe, healthy and Happy New Year!

Monday, December 23, 2013


Deepest apologies for not having time to respond to comments, or emails, or reading and commenting.  

We are in a holding pattern at the moment, trying to keep Michael stable while waiting for a heart transplant.  On Monday after the heart cath showed a decline in heart function and the defibrillator implant was cancelled, he was doing pretty fair... considering.  Monday evening he began having accelerated heart rate (atrial fibrillation) and required a shock back to normal.  By Tuesday morning he had to have a balloon pump inserted, again.  Now it's just a matter of keeping him flat on his back and comfortable, while waiting for a new heart.  Medications have been a huge issue and the adverse reactions are touchy.  Vomiting while you are flat on your back is no picnic.  He's miserable and ready to be on the other side of this ordeal.  We are, too.  Everyone seems to think he will do well, if it doesn't take too long for one to become available.  While it's sad to think that someone has to lose their life for him to have one, we will be beyond grateful for the chance to have a heart they will no longer need.  (strange way to say that, but I'm at a loss for more sensitive wording)

We all thought we had received a miracle when he had the pump removed and appeared to be doing well.  While that may not have been a long-lasting miracle, we will set our hopes on a new miracle and pray the good Lord sees fit to grant it.

Good thoughts and prayers are still greatly needed and very much appreciated.

Just in case I don't make it back to the computer in time for Christmas... MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU AND THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT YOU HAVE GIVEN US.  BLESS YOU!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Two Pics And A Plea

Christmas is always a difficult time for me and this one may prove more difficult than most.  While most people are bustling around, decorating, shopping, attending Christmas parties and the children are informing Santa of everything on their wish list, many will be spending their holidays in the hospital.  Michael will be one of the latter.  Medications will adorn an IV tree.  Medications that will, hopefully, sustain him, rather than make things worse.  It is a delicate and dangerous balancing act and any slip has the potential to cause very undesirable consequences.
The wish list... survival and a new heart.
Prayers and good thoughts will be much appreciated.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

November MCats Part 4 - Chrysalis

We were surprised to have Monarch caterpillars in November.  To have five of them hang around was even more surprising, since that hadn't happened (that we were aware of) before.  When the five were found hanging, I hoped to be able to capture the transformation process of at least one of them.  The first to transform was the one on the underside of the birdbath.  I checked during the day until it got too dark to see, but by morning it had done it's thing and I missed it.  Same with the next three.  The fifth and final one I had the potential to capture, I checked in the morning, came inside, walked back out to check an hour and a half later... and it was still dripping wet, but already a chrysalis.  Missed it again!  Since they are hard to see, I marked each area with blue tape, so I wouldn't lose track of them. 

We had a cold snap and hubby built a plywood shelter around the entire bed to try to protect them.  When the weather warmed, he took it down and they were all still intact.  We've had several days of warm weather and there have been no changes.  Now we are expecting the arctic blast and I don't know if there will be a part 5.  I've debated bringing them inside, but would prefer them to remain where they are.  If I did bring them in and nothing happened, I think I would feel responsible if they are done with.  I think I'd much rather Mother Nature take the blame!

What would you do, leave them, or bring them in?

Sunday, December 1, 2013

November MCats Part 3

I mentioned in Part 2 that we were closely watching nine Monarch caterpillars, hoping some of them would decide to hang around.  Five have decided to do just that... literally!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Sunday, November 24, 2013

MCats Part Two

We had been keeping our eyes on nine monarch caterpillars, hoping at least a few would stick around to take the next step.  After eating nearly every leaf off the milkweed plants and growing bigger and bigger, they began to make their way to the other plants in the same bed.  Since they don't eat anything except milkweed and they had left it, we crossed our fingers.

Look where this one is!  I was so excited, since this makes him easy to spot and keep track of.

I will be boring you with more photos.  Count on it!