Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Shades of Gray

Normally, rain wouldn't excite me, but when you've been lacking for as long as we have... gray looks glorious!  The temperatures were in the low 70s.  The grass gulped in the moisture and I swear you could watch it jump for joy.

I'm pretty sure I won't feel like that when we are having too much of it, but today, it was heavenly!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Oh, My Stars!

I'm thanking my lucky stars, God and my Son in law, that this story has a happy ending!  During a phone conversation with my Daughter today, she told me about the near crisis with my Granddaughter.  She hadn't called me last night, because she knew it would upset me.  She would certainly be correct!
These are the parenting moments, every parent dreads.  Unfortunately, they happen.
I asked her to type it out and include a picture.  She has.  I'm sure she is much calmer today, than she was last night!   I can guarantee it!
In her words... 
Since we have had our son (10 weeks ago) we spend many evenings out on our back porch.  He loves it outside even though its hotter than hell-o out there.  We get our fan kickin' and the bouncy chair on and sit out for hours while watering the garden and catching up with the hubby's latest shenanigans at his job.  Our daughter, who is 6, goes in and out about 105 times getting toys, just going back and forth from her outdoor fort to her bedroom. 
In the middle of our evening, about 8:05, I hear a (weak) cry coming from in the house followed by my daughter appearing at the glass doors.  She's trying frantically to get our attention and her hands are at her throat!  I immediately scream to my husband, "SHE'S CHOKING, SHE'S CHOKING, SHE'S CHOKING!!!!!"  My Husband flings the door open, swings her around backwards and wraps his arms around her. With one Heimlich maneuver I hear something metal chime on the concrete. 
She had put a large star-shaped charm in her mouth and it slid down her throat.  Talk about going from one mood to the next!  I went from tears, to screaming.  I told her, "You know better than to put anything in your mouth other than food!"  I made her promise me that she will never do that again and held her in my lap for a good 10 minutes, sobbing. 
After she calmed down, she went back inside. My husband made matters worse by telling me we were within seconds of calling 911 and a tracheotomy performed, right here on the porch.  
Thanks for making me think about how terrible it could have been...JEEZ! 
I sure could have used a stiff drink after that!
This star will be put in the memory box, not because it's a good memory, but because it had a good outcome.


Monday, June 13, 2011

What A Weekend

To say I'm glad this weekend is over, would be an understatement.  I've been stressing over it for a while.  The anticipation of not knowing what to expect and having a small baby in the mix, made it impossible to predict.  To say it came off without a hitch, would be a lie.  It had some tense moments.

Dance Recital all weekend!

Rehearsal on Friday, was LONG.  Thank goodness it didn't involve costume changes.

Saturday's performance went fairly well, and the baby was fairly cooperative.  Plus, there were less costume changes and my daughter was able to join us in the audience, after each change.  We sat where we could make a quick getaway, in case it became necessary, which it did.  However, I was able to stand near the exit and didn't miss anything important.

Sunday started off on the wrong foot.  First of all, it started earlier and involved waking up earlier and getting ready earlier.  I don't do early well at all.  I was still exhausted from the night before.  Twinkle Toes had to be there an hour early, which meant we did, too.  Saturday, my daughter pumped a bottle, so we would have milk for the baby.  They seem to require certain things, whether there is a recital, or not.  Sunday, she was extremely busy and used some she had frozen.  While it wasn't a chunk of ice-milk, it was very cold and the baby was very hungry and the hot water had been turned off for the summer.  The "Godsend" other grandmother, volunteered to unlock doors and search for a method to heat the milk.  None could be found.  God bless her for trying!  Son in law ended up taking it outside in the heat, then placing it next to his body, to get it warm enough.  All this took place in the hour prior to the show.  With a poop diaper thrown in, for good measure.

Daughter managed to get back out for a few minutes, before the show started and took the baby back to the dressing room and fed him, some.  That helped for a little while, but not nearly long enough.  I managed to keep him fairly quiet for a pretty long time, but when it started to become an issue, I gave the signal for my son in law to hop the wall and I handed the baby off and they escaped to the lobby.  After all the holding and bouncing on Saturday and cajoling, bouncing and holding, up to that point, my wall jumping days were over.  Good job, Daddy... good job!

Twinkle Toes managed to put on a great performance, even though there were some hitches on stage, as well.  To say I'm proud of her, would not be lie.  Great job, Baby!  Yes, I can call you baby... you will always be a baby to me, even if you are growing up.

I'm sorry to say, no photography was allowed, therefore, no pictures to post.  However, there will be some at a later date.

While at the recital, Tinkerbell (the youngest granddaughter) told me she wants to play soccer.  In my sweetest granny voice, I told her soccer is played outside... Granny doesn't do outside.

I ask myself, all the time, how did I ever raise four kids???  Oh, yeah... I was MUCH younger then!

I do have one picture.  That celebratory margarita, after the chaos of the weekend, was great!  My arm muscles may be a quivering mess, but I was still able to drink it, with the help of a straw.  

Friday, June 3, 2011

Playground Update

Got a phone call today, from a person in the know.  When I saw the phone number, I answered with, "This had better not be bad news!"

It was.

Said the playground didn't meet code and was being taken down. (and nobody can take it and it can't be donated to the church, either)

Strange how it has seen countless children, for untold hours of play and now it isn't good enough.  It's not like it was worn out, dilapidated or broken. 

I realize codes change over the years.  Seems to me, since it has served so well since the early 90's, it could be grandfathered, or something.  Especially since the economy isn't booming and schools are struggling and teachers are being laid off.  Not to mention that stuff costs a fortune!

I AM worn out, dilapidated and certainly not up to code.   I might be next!

Also, they are planning to replace it, but that's not the point.  There is nothing wrong with this equipment.  Only the code has changed.  It has been just fine for the children, until now and I loath waste.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sad Start To Summer

Today was the last day of school.  Summer is just starting.  My daughter came over after early dismissal and informed me the playground at my kids elementary school, next door, was torn up.  I had no idea.  Did I mention this is right next door? 

I don't have a clue to what's going on.  I hope they are just renovating it and the playground equipment will be put back.  Sure will be a shame to all the neighborhood kids, if they don't.

This is one of the few open areas, in our cram packed neighborhood, to run and play.  We don't have the luxury of large acreage and plenty of room.  Barely any yard.

I hope there is a good excuse.