Friday, April 29, 2011

If You Can't Duck It

Every house has it, or should have it.  What, you ask?  Duck Tape.  Duck tape can fix anything, almost.

Have you seen the choices available now?  Not just plain ol' silver, that's passé.  They offer solid colors out the wazoo and prints, too.  Camo, Fleur de Lis, zebra... I was amazed.


My granddaughter has taken to duck tape, like a... like a... like a duck to water!

While visiting recently, she whipped out her duck tape and scissors and made her uncle some new glasses!  His vision is perfect, now!  (Well, the Wavefront Lasik helped, but the glasses were totally hot)  I'll bet Buddy Holly would be jealous.  His glasses never looked that hot.

I think my daughters' milk must have let down as she snapped this one, it's all blurry.  That's a wallet.

She makes hair bows for every outfit, bracelets, wallets, pencil bags, decorates thermoses and folders and I'm not even sure what else.  Who knows, maybe if she gets really good, she'll design her own prom dress, in the future.  Prom?  Whoa, back up, I can't allow myself to think of her going to prom.  We all know what prom means.  (it means she's growing up) A duck tape dress will be hard to get out of... I HOPE!  I'll have to make certain her date has a duck tape tuxedo, too!

Just so you know there IS a "DUCK" brand tape.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Oops

If you've been a follower for a bit, you know how much I enjoyed the Owl Box, even if it did keep me away for a good while.  As disturbing as it is, owls love to eat bunnies.  I know, sad, bunnies are so cute.  If the Easter Bunny doesn't make it to your house, perhaps I can explain...

Please try to have a Happy Easter, anyway!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Serious Multi-Tasking

My buddy Maxx sent me this.  Thanks, Maxx!  And to think... I can't even talk on a cell phone and drive.

Heaven help us!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Heaven Scent

Hubby has been begging and pleading pissing and moaning trying nicely to convince me to go somewhere, for the past year or so.  Monday I decided to get him off my back and relent give in and go.

I actually remembered to take my camera, which rarely happens, but I knew there would be photo opportunities.  There were plenty!  Unfortunately, the minute we walked through the entrance, the most heavenly aroma took control of my senses and the photos opps were reassigned to the back burner.  I did snap a few, but my mind was no longer on the camera.

We wandered around and hubby found some shoes.  He kept prodding me to get something, to ease his guilt knowing I needed new shoes, too.  I wasn't interested.  My mind was on one thing and one thing only.  FUDGE, the source of the heavenly aroma permeating my two remaining brain cells.

I got three pieces of fudge and some divinity.  That little box was heavy.  Felt like it weighed a pound, at least.  One pound in the box will end up as five pounds on my butt, which means my clothes will no longer fit, which equates to more shopping to buy larger clothes!  See, that'll teach him!  Bet he leaves me home next time.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Dear Mom

I feel in my heart you know all I'm about to say.  I miss you.  Fourteen years feels much longer.  April (and May) have been hard months for me, since you and Dad are no longer here.  I'm praying the birth of your recent great grandson and the engagement of your second grandson, will make April a little less sad.  Your granddaughter just celebrated her 29th birthday.  The burden of being the rare bright spot in April, has been somewhat lifted.  Seems just yesterday you were here to rejoice in her birth.  She is such a blessing, but you know that.

It's selfish of me to wish you were here.  You are still my hero, but, I will have to take comfort, knowing you know how I feel, from where you are.  Always seeing, always knowing, always loving us from afar. 

I love you, Mom!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

First Comes Love

Then comes... a long five years before deciding.

The decision?

They have decided to opt for the extended service policy!

Congratulations and best wishes on your engagement, to Second Son and his fiancée!  It's about time, I'm not getting any younger and neither are you.  Just sayin'.

Love you both!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Visit And A Slip Of The Lip

Friday evening the hubs and I took three of the granddaughters up to the hospital to see my daughter and the baby.  I'm not a very patient granny and go berserk if they misbehave, so I warned them, early on, to use their school manners and indoor voice.  Holy cow, that better not be the way they act in school or they should be in permanent time out!  The two younger ones took the rag off the bush!  In my very stern "granny isn't kidding you" voice, I told them in no uncertain terms, straighten up, get quiet, or we were outta there and there would be heck to pay. (my bark is louder than my bite with the grandkids, but they get my drift AND my granny isn't happy with you, face) 

The room my daughter was occupying, wasn't much bigger than a closet.  We were crammed in, like sardines in a tin.  I was relieved to finally head out the door, but concerned about the ride home, with rowdy girls.

I am NOT a spontaneous person.  I chart my course with much planning, thought and lists out the wazoo.  Two of the three girls, weren't part of my charted plan, they were added after the fact and my brain was on overload, especially after their behavior in the hospital.  On the hike to the parking lot, my granny brain went into overdrive to try to insure nobody was dropped off on the side of the road, during the brief ride home.  I decided to get them to sing.  Much to my surprise and pleasure, it worked!  I wasn't familiar with their choice of music, but they were being good and the sound of their young voices was fairly pleasing.

During a lull between songs, hubby asked the girls if they were singing "Teriyaki", then got that ashen look he gets when he knows he has blown it.  He managed to correct himself during my giggle fit and say "Karaoke".  Too late, I caught it.  He thought they were using the older ones' phone, with musical selection.  They weren't.  He told them they were singing Acapella.  Good job, honey.  At least you didn't say Acapulco!!!

The little one is still changing like crazy.  This photo was taken on Sunday, at three days old, trying out his swing.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Birth Day & Birthday

Welcome to the world, "Grant Alexander"

Born April 7th, 2011

Time:  1:25 pm

Weight:  7 lbs. - 11 ozs.

Length:  20.5 inches

He is changing by the hour!

Right after he was born, very bruised and starting to swell.

Six hours after birth and more swollen.

Thirty two hours later, bruising and swelling are finally going away.  If all goes well, he and Mommy will be leaving the hospital this afternoon, on his Mommy's 29th birthday.

Happy "BIRTH" Day to my Grandson.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to my Daughter!

*Note:  Before he was born, his sisters were referring to him as Baby "Bother"  Now, they appear to be completely enamored with him!  Regardless of how they feel, Mommy will not be putting him back!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I Thought We Were Friends

Anyone that has followed me, for any length of time, knows how my butt puckers, every time I hit Publish Post.  AND, knows I'm not one to put pictures of myself out there.  Heck, I cringe when I see a camera.  Now, imagine my complete and utter embarrassment, to find out LONG after the fact, that none of you bothered to tell me I had a major typo on my forehead.  I thought we were friends.  Friends are supposed to have your back, or in this case, FOREHEAD.  You're fired!

The following is a conversation between me and a friend, about my embarrassing typo.

ME:  I owe you an ass kickin'!  I'm SO embarrassed.  Why didn't you tell me I had a typo on my forehead?  Twink wanted to see my recent blog posts and when she saw that one, she said, "Granny, what's Braig?" 

Holy crap, how could I have missed that??? 

You're fired!  How could you let me go, from March 13th to April 4th, with Braig Farts on my forehead!?!  *hides head in shame

FRIEND:  Fired, huh?  Can I have an exit review?  And maybe a merit Bonus for past performance or a bit of Pension??  Yeah, I didn't think so.  So what does "Braig" mean???  Make something up Quick!!  Wonder how many people looked it up in the dictionary?  I'm going to right now.

After a little bit, she mails me back.

FRIEND:  I can't find a thing on "braig", no matter what language I try,....
this is the best I can do on short notice and hopefully it will save my job.

ME:  Oh yeah... now you try to fix it!  Where were you when I needed you to cover my ass, er, er, HEAD!  Too late, now, my embarrassment is beyond control.

PS:  I LOVE THE HAT!  I feel a blog post coming on.

FRIEND:  I Wasn't Your Editor Then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And just remember, little missy, I put that hat on your head and I can sure as hell take it back off!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If it's any consolation,
I made myself a crayon last year for a Halloween avy.  (Yes, that's short for avatar)

Ok, I have to admit... I do feel a little bit better.

The rest of you are still fired!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Belly Cast

These are my very primitive attempts with making belly casts.  How some people get them smooth is beyond me.  By the time I get the darn things stable enough to not collapse, the last thing I'm going to do is start sanding on them.

A couple of you had not heard of such things, so this post is for you.

Please excuse the picture quality, 
the flash reflects on the glossy finish

                                            Side View

                            Reflected flash, again

                         Covered with torn brown paper

                                       Inside view

Friday, April 1, 2011

It Won't Be Long Now

Do you ever feel like you're on one of these things, pumping just as hard as you can?  By yourself?

And this monster is not far behind... gaining on you!

That's what I feel like!

Our grandson's due date is April 17th, or, it was.  I thought I still had a little more than two weeks to get the belly cast done.  Not so.  If Daughter hasn't gone into labor by April 6th, she will be induced on Thursday, April 7th. 

Got the belly cast done.  What a mess those things are.  It's a lot thinner than I would have liked, but, when things are more settled, I will reinforce it.  I just hope it doesn't get crushed before I can get to it.  I couldn't help teasing her, just a little and saying we would be able to have nesting belly casts.  This will be her third and each one is a tad bigger than the one before.  Thankfully, she got a laugh out of it and I didn't end up picking myself up off her hard tile floor.

I'm going to try to keep up with everyone, but if you don't see me, it's because I'm busy, huffin' and puffin' and I'm not even the one that will be in labor.