Saturday, November 7, 2009

Where Am I?

For a not usually busy person, I've been busier than a one-armed paper hanger, with the hives!  It's been a while since I've posted a blog, but tons of things have been going on.  By the time I wade through my emails and the blogs I'm faithful to, I don't have the energy, or a clear enough thought, to post my own.  Since my last real post, so much has happened.  "Tink" began running fever on a Sunday.  By the time she managed to get a doctor appointment, on Thursday, she tested positive for Type A Influenza and began treatment for Swine Flu.  Needless to say, she wasn't able to enjoy Halloween nearly as much as she should have.  She was feeling good enough to put on her costume and do a little Wii bowling.  Sure is nice to have the old Tink back.  I hate when my babies are sick.

The puppies are huge!  I'm still babysitting at my Daughter's house, because momma Lucky can't be confined all day.  Can't imagine what they, or I, will do in the next few weeks.  She can't be left alone, to her own devices, without supervision.  That dog craps like a cow and, when you've gotta go, you've gotta go.  If I could poop like that dog, I wouldn't weigh more than 2 pounds!  Just one of her movements, every few days and I'd be a new person.  A much lighter person.  I've tried to stress the need for a back-up plan for when the puppies are able to escape the box.  Young people don't see the need to think that far in advance.  Their reasoning, or lack thereof, escapes me.  I'm a thinker.  Everyone accuses me of over-thinking.  I try to think things through, nine ways to Sunday, before making a decision.  Who will my decision effect, what are the ramifications of my decision, what could the potential outcome or unexpected outcomes involve...  I do have vague memories of being young and not thinking things through.  It didn't work for me then and it doesn't work for me now.

I have two sons and a nephew in the AC business.  Thursday night my breaker on my AC decide to wimp out on me.  Do you think any of them were available?  Heck, no!  All of them were headed out of town.  They suggested I call my cousin, to see if he could help me out.  He was headed to Florida.  Thank goodness the weather has been cooler.  Texas, without AC, is not acceptable.  It is still quite stuffy in the house, but I'm thankful it isn't August.

To my wonderful, amazing Aunt Lois, who's birthday Tea Party I missed due to potential Swine Flu exposure...  "HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!"  She had an amazing turnout and I'm sorry I missed it.  Could never have forgiven myself if someone had gotten sick and thought it was my fault.  This woman raised 8 kids and there's not a throwaway in the bunch.  She has more grandkids and great grandkids than I can count.  Family gatherings are enormous.  Hope I get to see you all, sometime soon.  Thank you for the pictures, Linda.

One more thing before I end this...  To Blasé, who makes me think even more than I already do... "Thanks, I think!"  Pompous Ass?  Not sure yet, I'll get back with you on it.


Blasé said...

I tend to 'over-think'...which often causes me to be paranoid.

Aunt Lois seems like a Gem! I wonder if she would enjoy reading my Blog??

Ms. A said...

Blasé... not in a million years! That woman didn't make it to where she is today by partaking in the rantings of such mundane matters that we bloggers find to cuss and discuss. Mentioning body parts, or functions or bedroom activities, would send her praying to the Lord, to save our souls. Good try, but she will not be one of your groupies. Mine either, for that matter. (Though I did find you through a comment on her granddaughter's blog. How strange is that?)