Monday, October 19, 2009

October 20, 1971-2009

Back in early September my oldest son called me for a little help looking up information for my oldest grandddaughter's homework.  Seems the school wouldn't let them bring home the textbook.  Not sure how that works for families that don't have computer access.  During our struggle with the specific site designated for this assignment, and his confusion in trying to get to the same page I had managed to access, I told him to just type in the very long URL as I called it out.  We're talking L O N G web address!  It was getting late and we were already frazzled, so he says "Crap, Mom... let me get wifey, tell it to her, she types way faster than I do... I'M A PECKER!"  Hey, he said it, I didn't.  One of the rare times he and I are in total agreement.

Here it is October 19th, the eve of his birth, 38 years ago.  Can't believe it's been that long.


Daddy Sandwich with Pipper, Pecker and Special

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