Friday, June 26, 2009

Darn This Weather!

Going to burn up like this poor plant, if we don't get some rain soon! Nights aren't even giving respite from the extreme heat. Pool water feels like a warm bath! Parking lots have become a danger zone for more reasons than just criminal activity. Have you had to walk on one lately? Melts your flip-flops in just a few steps. You could darn well die! Once your body hits the concrete, it'll fry and be totally unrecognizable. Might not be bad for me to be unrecognizable, but most of you don't look as bad as I do. Might want someone to be able to identify your body. I plan to be cremated anyway, just not in the parking lot! Mosquitoes don't seem to be phased one bit, suckers could live through anything. Moving to Alaska sounds mighty tempting. My friend Jilly would probably go with me. Girl hates the heat even more than I do, if that's possible.

Wasn't all that long ago we were dealing with flooding on a pretty regular basis. Kept wishing it would stop. Seemed like every few days the water would rise and then we would be dealing with the jerks insisting on parading down the street, pushing water into cars and houses. Stupid people give no thought as to how their actions will effect others. Don't seem to give two hoots! Mind you, if it was their house or car, they would scream bloody murder.

Now that the rain has stopped, we are sweltering! We haven't had rain in quite some time. Hubby has been doing a rain dance, to no avail. He's been watering the yard faithfully, but even that is a royal pain in the butt due to the extreme HEAT! A person could die from heat stroke just being outside. Heart felt sympathies to anyone that has to be in it to earn a living. Sure would be nice if there could be a happy medium. Not too hot, not too wet. Won't even get going on the electric bill. That sucker is sky high and it's still June! Can't imagine what it will be in August. Won't even have to post a blog... you'll hear me hollering!

Whether you have to be, or choose to be out in the heat, remember to drink plenty of fluids and don't forget your sunscreen. My choice will be to stay inside, in the expensive AC. Since we have no control over the weather... THANK GOODNESS FOR AIR CONDITIONING! (at least I can control that)



Ain't it the truth! I am actually wishing for some kind of *MINOR* tropical disturbance to come up from the gulf.

Remember the snow in December? Wasn't that wonderful? *sigh*

Ms. A said...

*Sigh, too* Doesn't snow sound refreshing!

Jilly said...

Yes, I'll move to Alaska with you... not just for cooling off, but I've heard there's lots of unattached men up there!!
You just relax Cora Beth, the rains will come, and they won't stop, and we'll be praying for the sun. Would love to see what Craig's rain dance looks like. Ha!
I'm enjoying reading your blogs, CB. You're a very good writer, my friend.