Saturday, August 8, 2009

I Dare You!

Have you ever been told you should let sleeping dogs lie? Very good advice! Wake a sleeping dog and you are at risk to have your jugular vein ripped to shreds or your arm torn off. That being said, if you lived with a really cranky person that doesn't sleep well, stretched out in a recliner with their eyes closed, would you say... are you napping? Mind you, the person asking has nothing more to say and cranky person's hair isn't on fire and there is no emergency at the current moment. Or, cranky person is laying on the couch, with eyes closed and also, still not on fire or in an emergency situation... would you ask if they are going to take a nap? Did I mention EYES CLOSED?

Just curious to see if anyone else suffers this or dares to ask these critical questions, or if I'm just blessed.

GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I'm the cranky person! You were probably smart enough to figure that one out. Any burning questions you need to ask, SINCE I'M AWAKE!



Men. sigh.

Jilly said...

When I was married, I would sometimes lay down in the bed during the afternoon, and my ex-husband would say, "Are you taking another nap?!" I would reply, no I'm just laying here. What I wanted to say was something like, life with you is boring the heck outta me and in order for me to cope, I must go off to la la land to be able to continue to put up with you - what would you rather I do, sit and watch you change channels? That was always a joy for me... good times.

Ms. A said...

Ah... the channel surfer! My brother-in law does that. He's divorced!