Monday, August 31, 2009

Vitamin Gumball

"Tink" got here about 11:15 today, Mommy is working a later shift. She usually gets here with some little something or other she brings from home. She likes to present it to me and expects my approval. Today, with her treasures, she had what appeared to be a wrapped jawbreaker. I asked my daughter if that's what it was and she said "no, it's a vitamin gumball." That thing was as big around as a nickel! I've seen kids choke before and it's not a pretty sight! Needless to say, I was concerned, but tried not to go all postal and just keep an eye out, in case she turned blue. She managed to chew it down to a wad of gum without a problem. I calmly instructed her not to swallow it! Well, calmly might be a bit exaggerated, but I did tell her "DON'T SWALLOW IT, GIVE IT TO GRANNY WHEN YOU DON'T WANT TO CHEW IT ANYMORE!"

She was chewing along well, when she told me (somewhat dramatically) she was feeling sick. I asked her what was wrong and she said she needed to eat so she would feel better. Hum, wonder where she's heard that... I'll take the Fifth Amendment! Anytime this child volunteers to eat without bloodshed, I'm game. I head off to the kitchen to fix her some lunch.

When I get back with the plate, I asked her to give me her gum. She got a strange look on her face and opened her mouth... NO GUM! I asked her where it was, she was too afraid to answer. "DID YOU SWALLOW IT? GRANNY TOLD YOU NOT TO SWALLOW IT!" She looked up at me with those big blue eyes and I couldn't raise any more fuss. It was plain to see she knew she'd screwed up, and after all, this too shall pass. It had better pass!

Who could resist such a sweet face? Not this Granny, for sure.

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ADORABLE!!! I am really not too thrilled with the idea of vitamin "gumballs" or "gummies". Little ones could so easily mistake them for candy and harm themselves. I know there have always been good tasting childrens' vitamins, but making them exactly like candy seems to cross a line. The one that gets me is the new gummy vitamins for adults. I saw the commercial for that one the other day and I was wondering if today's adults really need any more encouragement to stay immature forever?