Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I've mentioned "Tink" before, but sometimes, something happens that's worth sharing. (She's not yet five and looks about three) Being the picky eater she is, I try my very best to get her to eat something other than complete sugary junk. We do really great as long as there aren't others around, who shall remain nameless, to cater to her food aversions with the easy way out. As "Granny" I prefer to attempt other methods first. With age comes wisdom.

When she got here this afternoon, she had already eaten frosted Cheerios at home and was wanting another bowl of cereal for lunch. After recovering from the apoplexy this caused me, I told her she needed to eat some FOOD! It took a little coaxing, but she agreed to eat some potato cakes. I gave her a few Goldfish to nibble on, while I made them and cut up some
strawberries to go with it. She didn't even wait for them to cool, before she began shoveling it in. As she neared the last few bites, she mentioned they were too big. I said, "no problem... look, they're easy to cut" to which she replied... "yeah, and I'm not lame!"

As I typed that last line, she just walked up and asked me for Cheerios, again. I told her she didn't need any, she just ate. She said "and I (meaning herself) just need to chill out!" Gotta love it!


productjunkie4.0 said...

Too cute. Tink sounds like a pistol!

Ms. A said...

When she's on a tear, pistol is not the word that comes to mind... but I'll try to keep this blog somewhat "G" rated. She has been known to have a 'tude, occasionally. All in all she's a pretty good kid. Just a VERY picky eater.


That's adorable!!!