Friday, August 28, 2009

The New Gadget

The hubby is always bringing home something from work for the plant not having any lost time accidents. Increases in pay would be good, but they choose to invest tons of money in Safety Awards, instead. We've gotten coffee mugs, shirts, a first aid kit, a weather radio and other stuff that I can't recall at the moment. The latest thing to come home, (along with two mugs) was a pedometer/step counter, with pulse meter.

This tiny little gadget displays the time, number of steps, calories burned and a sensor to check your pulse. Did I mention how tiny this thing is? Programming it was a real trick. When you press the mode button, the print is so tiny I had to get out the magnifying glass. I could have used a couple of extra hands, or someone from the younger generation to just do it for me. Even the directions were in micro-print! (the read-out display IS easy to read, thank goodness) At least some of the modes got programmed... though I'm not real sure what I put in. It asks for your weight, which in my case is 110 pounds... 15 pounds above my ideal weight. I "think" that's what I entered, but don't know how to go back and check!

The idea is to clip it to your waist and let it count your steps and to check your pulse occasionally. Then it calculates the calories you have burned.

I put it on around noon yesterday and took it off around 11:40 pm last night. I didn't leave the house and my house is small. It calculated I had taken around 3,000 steps, which is about a mile. I didn't think that was too shabby until I read the calories burned... a mere 76! At that rate, the extra 15 pounds is not going to budge!

There are other activities said to burn many more calories, in a much shorter amount of time!!!

I'm going to stay fat!


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately me too! Figured that out years ago. When mom tried a few different diets I tried to do them with her on a couple. Learned real quick no self control or will power. Unless I find another magic laser looks like this will just be the way it is. I just wish it was only 15 pounds.

Ms. A said...

You're funny... you didn't need to lose weight when your Mom was alive. Neither did I, for that matter.

Anonymous said...

I know I just thought I did. I was a whole 108 and thought I was fat. To be that weight now would be so wonderful.

Ms. A said...

Yes, and I was a sweet 91 and thought the same thing! The years have not been kind and the future could be worse. Do you think in 12 years, we will look back to now and say the same thing? With much more weight, I'll need a wheelbarrow... or a wheelchair, to tote the extra weight.

Anonymous said...