Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Guess He's Mine!

My oldest Son was on his email recently and I happened to see his chat light on. After the second attempt to start a gab session, he finally responded. During our messaging back and forth, he told me they had gotten my Granddaughter her own laptop. Since I really, really want one, he was explaining things to me about a PC. I have a MAC that I love and am used to, but it is very different from a PC. Plus, my computer is set up in a room that gets quite toasty in the summer, even though it has its own AC unit. Now that Hubby is starting to be on here, way more than I prefer, I have to share. I don't play well with others and I HATE TO SHARE!

I had already seen my Son's Netbook and was satisfied this is what I would aim for, when he told me they had found the 15", cheaper than his. Rather than keeping on trying to explain by typing, I had him call me on the phone to give me more details. Being that I'm more of a "see it" than "hear" about it person, he decided to bring them over so I could compare the two.

I was impressed with both! Just the thought of having a wireless laptop, that I could take to my favorite chair and get email alerts with sound rather than refreshing to check, sounded excellent. My MAC doesn't have audible email alerts. After losing it once to lightning and having to unplug the ethernet cable each time it storms, wireless sounds wonderful. I was ready to go out and get one, either one, both were fine with me. I loved the small size of the Netbook, but I also loved the bigger screen of the 15", due to crappy eyesight. I could feel a shopping trip coming on. It's something special for me to feel like leaving my house. This was definitely motivating me to get out!

While walking him to the car, still chatting about laptops, I spotted his GPS. Since that was one of the few things I wanted on my new car and didn't end up getting because I'm too cheap, I questioned him about it and whether it was hard to use. This started another discussion that led to him telling me to hop in, so he could take me around the neighborhood to show me. I'm not afraid to drive, but I am terrified of getting lost. My brain can't figure things out sitting at home, much less when you have freeway options in umpteen different directions! When I do venture out, it's usually within 10 miles of home and rarely on a freeway and certainly not by myself. Actually, 5 miles is more in my comfort zone and that's only if I can force myself to get out of the house at all.

Seeing the GPS opened up a whole world of options for me. Being able to feel comfortable, IF I decided to go somewhere and not getting lost seemed almost too much to fathom. I was so excited I made the statement that if I had to choose between the laptop and the GPS, I thought I'd have to go with the GPS, to which my Son said... "Mom, you don't need a GPS to get to the corner Chevron!"

What a smarta$$! Guess he comes by it honest, after all, he is my Son.

Well, mister smarty... I've decided to get BOTH! Since I raised you, I figure I've earned it! So there! Pfffffft!



LOL! We are so much alike. I can get lost in a large supermarket. I HATE having to venture into the monster H-town. Freeway interchanges make me break into a cold sweat.

Having said that, I have both a laptop and a gps system and I love them both. Be warned about the laptop, though. It goes almost too well with the recliner. You will see what I mean.

The gps saved my butt when I had to go downtown every day for the trial. I actually found a simple and relaxing route (well, until I actually got to downtown proper, and that's a whole 'nother world) all the way without having to get on a freeway. And there were all kinds of unique ethnic sights to enjoy en route, me and my cup of coffee. The most interesting thing, though, was- it didn't take a bit longer than battling the freeways.

Enjoy your new toys!

Ms. A said...

Got my new GPS yesterday! Actually drove to Mid-Town the night before, Hubby was with me. Son was shocked and impressed. Major accomplishment for me. Still debating on the laptop, not because I don't want one, just because I'm cheap and hate to spend money. I WILL get one. Got my mind set on it.

Jilly said...

I'm so proud of you! I need a GPS whenever I go through Ft. Worth to get to Kansas. Ft. Worth sucks with their stupid freeway, they make you jump over here and jump over there. A man probably designed their highway system, fur sure.

Ms. A said...

You can bet a man designed it. If a woman designed it, it would make more sense and have less wasted concrete. Maybe a female came up with the GPS... to make sense of man designed roads.