Friday, July 17, 2009

Old Favs

Everybody has an article of clothing that is special, for whatever reason. It could be a pair of jeans, broken in, faded, comfortable, that no matter how worn they get you just can't bear to part with them. You have them too, right? A team jersey that holds memories of good times, goofy Hawaiian shirt, sweats, old tee shirts, or maybe outfits that no longer fit, but we hold out hope that by some miracle we just might lose those unwanted pounds and be able to wear them again. I have whole wardrobes of those. Not going to happen, but I keep hoping.

Being a vertically challenged person, with extra weight in the middle, makes shopping a real chore for me. Height-wise, the children's department is my best option, especially if items are loose, or they make it in a chubby. If I'm lucky enough to find things, I usually buy multiples in different colors. I hate to shop, so anything that works gets my vote. I'll pick five or six, pay, get out and go home.

Is it just my opinion, or do the retailers think we live in some third world country where people are starving? Everything is geared toward some twig thin, underdeveloped stick figure! This is America... people eat. Research shows we are a fat nation. Get with the program and design some clothes to accommodate regular bodies that don't live at the gym. We count too!

Ok, that was a little detour and I apologize. My mind tends to wander and before I know it, I'm off on some tirade.

I have a crazy tee shirt I love! Bought it cheap, it's thin, wider at the bottom, has a stick thin gal with a glass of wine and a saying that suits me. It says... "I'm an acquired taste". That's me, for sure! I can't remove Ms. Twig, but I am considering dragging out the paint and giving her some flaws... for added comfort!

I should give that gal some extra baggage, less cleavage, messy hair and spotty skin! It would make me feel better. That, I could do. Too bad I'm not artistic enough to change that wine into a margarita!


Jilly said...

Ha! Good blog, My Friend! Your writing is super!
I've given up on that ever being the right size idea - thrown away any clothes that don't fit me and that I don't like.
I'm a minamalist now and don't have things I don't love or need in my house... especially skinny clothes.
Because I love it, I have a very special t-shirt that I have saved in a drawer... it's a thin, worn, gray Dr Pepper t-shirt that I wore riding down some rapids! What a blast that was - that shirt takes me back every time I look at it, takes me back to a time when I was adventurous and put myself out there. I need to put myself out there more often.

Ms. A said...

I used to be adventurous! To put myself out there now... let's just say that ain't gonna happen!


As a short, middle aged female who is as wide as she is tall, just let me concur that shopping for clothes is about as fun as a root canal. Unfortunately, I horizontally outgrew anything in the children's dept. around 1979. Add that to the fact that 98% of what's out there is ridiculously skanky and cheaply made, we are left with not much. And my pet peeve- trying to find blouses that cover most of my rear end! And I'm very short! What's up with that?

Al said...

It's what's on the inside...

Ms. A said...

Yeah, Al... problem is, what's one the inside has a way of showing up on the outside! Take for example this blob of fat, right here, that was from all the candy at Halloween! Halloween 2004!