Friday, May 29, 2009

Alma Mater

Most of my earlier education came from the School of Hardknocks. I wasn't the ideal student in the beginning, but once on-track became a hard-working, eager learner. Motherhood made for some tricky scheduling as my life became more involved. My educational path did allow credit for on the job experience! While working on my Ph.D., in Philosophy at CSU. (Common Sense University) people questioned my choice. CSU was (and still is) under a lot of financial pressure, as you can imagine. Statistically speaking, it has few graduates and high drop-out rates. Most people do not choose to attend this Institute of Higher Learning. On the plus side, the fact it is Co-Ed and has low student/teacher ratios and the education from CSU will provide students and graduates with better choices than most. They've had issues keeping instructors, but most who stay are tenured and remain year after year, despite low pay, low incentives and even lower morale.

In spite of the minuses presented, CSU graduates come away with credentials that make them an asset in all walks of life. As a current CSU educator, I hope to see you enroll soon. You won't regret it, I promise!

Some of the classes and lectures I'm currently involved in:

Life Lessons 101
Financial Planning
Family & Pets
*Remedial Financial Planning

Life Lessons 201
Options & Bailouts
Marriage Pitfalls
Family & Pets
Relatives & In-Laws
**Remedial Financial Planning

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