Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday was a "Good Day!"

Father and Son
Happy 30th Birthday, Matt!

My youngest Son turned 30 today! Bless his heart, he is one fine person. He reminds me so much of his Dad. He is calm, easygoing, smarter than all get out AND... still loves me! I'm not an easy person to love, but he does it unconditionally. Has never hesitated or been embarrassed to tell me so and does it on a regular basis. Why some girl hasn't snatched him up is beyond me. I wouldn't want just any girl to snatch him up, mind you. He deserves the very best. Someday he will make the best husband and a great dad. He is fantastic with children and isn't afraid to share himself and be silly with them. Even if he weren't my Son, I would admire him and there aren't many people I feel are deserving of admiration. Very few, in fact.

As this day is coming to an end, I'd like to say it one more time...

Happy Birthday, Special Angel! You make me so proud. God Bless You!



Awww what a cutie! Happy Birthday to him! You have every right to be proud of that young man. My baby turns 29 Thursday. Think I'll just copy and paste your post. LOL. Just kidding! Great pics of both your guys, btw.

Ms. A said...

Happy birthday Sonbug! Pull the hair on his legs and tell him it's from me.