Friday, December 11, 2009

What the Heck?

Tried to make a post last night.  Previewed it, it looked fine.  Hit publish and went to to check it on the actual blog... wait a minute... there is a whole paragraph missing.  Went back to edit and try again... same paragraph is missing.  After about 15 tries, with various results, some of which not only didn't have the missing paragraph, but the whole darn body, except for the very last line, I GAVE UP AND DELETED THE ENTIRE THING!  Talk about frustrating.  Finally called it a night/morning and went to bed around 5 am.

Don't have any guarantees this one will work.  If anyone can offer any advice or explanations, I sure could use them.  Now, I plan to hit Publish Post and keep my fingers crossed.  Ok, here goes nothing! No, I don't need any smart a$$ed comments that all my posts are nothing.  Please save those for another time, when I'm in a better mood to fight back.

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