Saturday, October 17, 2009

Holy Cow, I'm Exhausted!

I'm so tired even my tired is tired!  My feet feel like they are stove up into my knees and throbbing like a son of a gun.  Tile floors may be for some of you, but I hate them.  My feet never touch my tile floors.  One of the biggest (home) mistakes we've ever made.

Babysat with "Tink" at her house today and yesterday.  Daughter and Son in law have tile floors.  Took my sneakers and should have been smart enough to put them on, but stayed in my flip flops because they were cooler.  Big mistake!  I'm paying dearly for it.

Don't normally babysit anywhere other than my house, but my beautiful Granddog, Lucky, had 10 puppies in the wee hours Thursday morning.  Mother and babies are doing great.  Granny, on the other hand, has seen better days.  Every time they squeaked, Tink was right there to make sure they were okay.  Between doing head counts, herding strays, finding teats, letting Lucky out, wiping her yuck, refilling the water bowl, keeping Lexy away from the puppies, entertained, fed, snacked and keeping the drag outs to a minimum, dishes, sweeping the patio... Calgon, take me away!  I much prefer being at my house, where the mess is the last thing I worry about and at least I know where everything is and have TVs and appliances that I know how to work.  I felt like a fish out of water that got stepped on while I was flopping around.  I can barely walk.  Hope tomorrow is better.  "PLEASE LET ME FEEL BETTER TOMORROW!"

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Anonymous said...

No way! Not puppies!! Oh so cute, and I don't even like dogs, but I've wanted one and then I don't want one, and then I do. My niece said that if I wasn't sure, then I don't want one. But they're so cute!
Oh... and I'm sorry you're so tired... that was very insensitive of me.