Friday, April 2, 2010

A Little Behind

No, I don't have one! (a little behind)  What I have had is a rough couple of days.  Started Tuesday evening, anticipating having to wake up to the alarm clock Wednesday morning.  Just knowing this made it nigh on impossible to get to sleep.  When I'm able to sleep, I hate being startled awake with some horrifically annoying, blaring noise.  A jarring reminder that I'm still alive, since my heart is racing, trying to jump out of my chest.  Somehow, this doesn't make for a great start.

Hubs is always up at the butt crack on his days off, just to make me look bad morning person that he is.  He's usually playing with the mistress music, on the computer, whistling, or some other such nonsense.  The coffee is usually made, thank goodness!

Grabbed some coffee Wednesday morning, headed straight to the bathroom in an effort to paint my face, so as not scare the life out of people on the outside world.  It never works, but I had to settle for doing the best I could, with what little I have.  Made it for the appointment to have our taxes done. (no, we don't do it ourselves, it's too darn complicated and we don't want to be held responsible if we screw it up)  We survived and were out of there before noon.  Went to the diner to grab some breakfast, which never happens that early in the day.  Stopped by an antique shop so Hubs could feed the mistress to browse and I could skulk around, feeling contrite.

Having survived the early day and feeling rather pleased, we headed home and I planned to catch up on blogs and emails and generally laze around.  No such luck.  Barely made it in the door, when my Daughter calls crying, in a major panic.  I can hear "Tink" in the background, wailing in a sound that can't be described.  Poor baby had already been to the doctor earlier that day, running a high fever, congested, coughing and had an ear infection.  She had fallen asleep after the ordeal and woke up screaming with shoulder/neck pain.  Don't even remember driving over there, it's a total blur.  Luckily it's only about 5 miles.  Fortunately, Hubs was able to pick "Twink" (her sister) up at school and bring her on home, and in all the hubbub she wasn't forgotten.

That child was SO sick!  Felt like I was having a flashback to my younger days, as a mother with young kids, struggling when the inevitable sickness happened.  Dreading the nighttime, when the fevers always seem to rise.  Wishing the medications would work their magic quickly and ease the suffering... theirs and mine.

What a difference a day makes!  "Tink" is nothing like yesterday, thank you Lord.  No fever, no pain.  Still snotty and coughing, but on the mend.  Mommy and Granny survived, too.

Managed to get on here some, in between the chaos and having to share the computer, still.  That white laptop is sounding sweeter and sweeter, in spite of the color.  During the time away, I've managed to get more than a little behind.  I'm still trying to catch up.  I will, eventually.  Don't know how you BIG BLOGS manage.  Crap, I'm small and already there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day, to read, comment and post.  Don't think I'll ever be able to post every day.  Think I prefer you deciding the topic and all I have to do is read and comment.  Heck, that's a full time job!

Thanks to the new followers!  Still haven't located a couple of you, since you didn't leave comments.

Bendigo, I haven't forgotten you, either.  I'm going as fast as this tired old woman can go.

Jenny, as soon as I get the birdies and my photo application going, I'll post.

Now, I'm off to read and comment to each of you, for as long as I can keep my eyes open.  Thanks everyone!   


Bendigo said...

I have to admit I was a bit intrigued by the title...I'm glad to hear the little one is on the mend...You know we understand that you have actual real life stuff to do.. I for one hope you get a good nights sleep oh yeah and fight that white laptop desire (you know you really don't like it).

Ms. A said...

Bendigo, Thank you. I'm more than relieved she's feeling better, that was scary. As much as I hate white, I think I hate sharing even more! I don't have time to share.

Anonymous said...

I've gotten your comments but was wondering why you hadn't posted. I thought maybe computer problems, but then realized you were commenting, Duh.
Glad everyone's okay and seeing you post again.

Rebekah said...

Glad she's on the mend. Poor girl! Take care of those sweet girls and catch up to us later. Big love!

Deborah said...

Is that white laptop a Mac? Then give it to me if you don't want it. ;P

Babies can scare the living daylights out of you can't they? I remember once when Sarah was two or so, we thought she was DEAD nearly. High high fever. So so listless. You know.

By the time we got to urgent care she was running around in the waiting room, charming all the older people.

Next time you and your hubbins are rummaging around in an antique store, take me!

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I hate nights like that. And taxes. Glad to hear your grandbaby is feeling better.

As for blogs, my husband thinks mine has taken over our together time and complains frequently. HOwever he is glued to his phone well into the night sometimes, so what's a girl to do? said...

It is a full time job. I agree, and I don't know how other people do it WITH full time jobs too. You're quite a liberal wife; I love the little insertions then cross outs about the mistress.
Happy Friday, friend.

Bossy Betty said...

Sorry you have had a couple of rough days and I hope Tink feels better soon! It's always so hard when the little ones get sick.

Ms. A said...

GMan, Yes, I've managed to find some time to comment, or I would be more than a LITTLE behind.

Rebekah, Thanks for understanding. It's just as hard for me, being a Granny, as it was when I was the Mommy. I worry myself sick!

Karen, He has the Mistress (music) and I have the blog. Unfortunately, the Mistress has been around forever and I can't compete. I dare him to say just one word about the time I spend blogging, especially when I get the wireless laptop up and running.

Deborah, Yes, the laptop is a MAC. Quite an extravagance, for me.

When the kids are sick, I feel paralyzed and helpless. Especially during the nighttime hours.

I would gladly send you with him to the shops, instead of me going. I stopped enjoying it when my house couldn't hold another thing. Why torture myself, if I can't buy anything, right? Seems rather foolish.

Robyn, and some of you people actually work outside the home, in addition to the work it takes to blog. I don't see how!

Betty, Kids are amazing! She will recover from her illness long before I recover from the shock of seeing her so sick. That was frightening!

Joe Cap said...

Don't you just love those hectic days? We are so glad you take time out to blog anyway. How about a picture of that white laptop?

Ms. A said...

Joe, I absolutely DON'T love those hectic days! Old and hectic don't go together well, at least for me. Will post a picture as soon as I get it up and running AND get my photo application reinstalled.

Copyboy said...

My sister's kids used to get crazy fevers spikes when they were babies. That always seems so scary to me. Glad your grand child is feeling much better. Not happy to hear you keep getting woken at the butt crack of dawn by your hubbie's music.

Ms. A said...

Thanks Copyboy!

Momma Fargo said...

Glad the baby is on the road to recovery. Sick little ones is the pits and tugs at my heart strings.

Ms. A said...

Oh Momma F, Me too!

Kristy said...

Glad Tink is better. Man what a day!

I don't know how the big blogs do it either... I get exhausted.

Jimmy said...

The Little Behinds always seem to get us a little behind in other things, but all in all we catch up and spending time with these little ones especially when they need us is a blessing.

Glad she is on the mend and the white laptop is beginning to make it'sself home with you.

Ms. A said...

Kristy, Thanks! (the big ones that respond, are truly amazing)

Jimmy, I don't know what I would do without my kids and grandkids. (and that white laptop is starting to grow on me, not because it's white, but because it will be wireless AND I won't have to share)

Ally said...

OK that first line had me laughing, the little behind, but don't be insulted, I'm sure mine is bigger than yours. Ha ha! My husband's mistress is baseball :( Yankee season officially starts tomorrow. SHOOT ME! Good to hear your daughter is feeling better!

Ms. A said...

Ally, Tink is my granddaughter. Music isn't Hubs only Mistress, but let's just say... she's everyday, all year, 24/7, not seasonal, like the others. I get a reprieve from those, occasionally. It does get crowded when some of them show up at the same time.

VKT said...

Poor little Tink! It seems like kids keep passing around germs at school. I will have one get over the symptoms you described and then another one comes down with it. Can be really scary for Moms and Grandma though. I hope you all have a blessed day tomorrow! I look forward to reading another one of your great posts soon. You do have a way with words!

Pat Tillett said...

Hi there,
Sunday morning there will be something for you at my blog!

Jenny said...

I'm glad the little one is on the mend. How frightening that must have been for all of you. I'm so glad you were close enough to them to help out right away.

Don't make your blog into a chore.

Write when you want, answer when you want. For the most part I think bloggers are pretty non-consuming.

And I think if anyone wants you to read a post they'll tell you, just as you can tell them..."hey, read my blog today."

Don't make this too hard or you'll take the joy out of it.

We all have lives and I think we all know that everyone else has lives, too!


And repeat after me.

I am blogging because I like to and if I don't visit all the blogs everyday and answer every single e-mail people will totally understand. And I will write when and if I want to and I will say what I want because it's my blog...gosh darn it!


That got out of control.

I just like you and I like your blog and I hate the fact that you are stressing out over it.


I think we all get it.

And if someone wants to get bent out of shape about it then they aren't the kind of person you want to visit or to visit you anyway.

OK, slinking off now that my little out-of-control lecture is over.

Hugs and happy Easter!