Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Kids! You never know what to expect. "Tink" is certainly no exception to that theory. Unhappy to happy, all in the same panties. My youngest granddaughter has missed me lately. My Daughter quit her job a good while back, to be a stay a home Mommy. Seemed like a wonderful idea at the time, at least until my son in law lost his job almost eight months ago. When she was offered her old job back a few days ago, she took it. On her third day back at work, Son in law got a call back to his former job. He called and asked me to watch Tink, so he could fill out paperwork and attend a Safety Council meeting. I was nervous and totally unprepared for what to expect with babysitting again. I'm out of practice. The main problem with Tink is getting the child to eat. It can be a real battle. Just when you think you are on to something that works, she decides she doesn't like it. Other than that, she's a pretty good kid.

When my daughter got off yesterday, (son in law was still filling out paperwork) she came to pick up Tink. She cried. Did not want to go home, she wanted to stay with Granny. While this melts my heart, I can only imagine the pain it causes my Daughter. Thank goodness she realizes, as I do, the new will wear off and that Tink adores her. Since Daughter was not scheduled to work the next day (today) and Tink was crying, I told her Granny would see her and Mommy tomorrow, thinking we could spend some much needed time together, while son in law was at work. I've missed that.

Forward to today... son in law didn't get to start the job. More paperwork and security checks and wasted dollars doing the same BS again. I won't get into that. Decided to keep our date to get together and include him in the mix. Had he not been there, what ended up happening would not have happened. Tink, being the picky eater she is, nearly fell out of the chair when she saw her plate. Her lip was on the floor. She loves chicken nuggets, just not used to seeing them in pinwheel shapes. My body tensed in preparation for the embarrassing tirade I was sure would erupt at any moment. Just prior to Mount Saint Tinks eruption, son in law tore one in half and managed to convince her that it was indeed chicken nuggets. Volcano capped, eruption minimal... situation under control. Then it happened! Tink spots her daddy's Adam's apple. Thought daddy had something wrong with his neck. He jokingly told her it was a frog in his throat. She reached with concern to touch it... he swallowed... it rose and fell. The look on that child's face was priceless! Fear, concern, panic and more, all rolled into one amazing little face. No camera could have captured it, even if we'd had one aimed and ready to shoot. It happened too quick. She had no clue why four adults were falling out of their chairs, laughing. Her concern was for the frog in daddy's throat. She told him to open his mouth, so she could get it out. I offered her a fork!!!

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That picture is priceless. And LOLOLOLOL about the fork! What a cutie pie!