Thursday, July 2, 2009

July 2, 1999/2009

Daddy feeding "Special Angel" breast milk in a bottle, not long after she was born. That was one of the few things he couldn't do on his own... nurse the baby. Other than that, he had it all under control. Can't wait to see how he handles the teen years!

Ten years ago on this date, my very first Grandchild was born. Hard to believe that much time has passed. Her birth was special in more ways than one. The fact that she was our first is something in its own right. The fact she was born in my home makes it extraordinary! Her Mommy (and Daddy and Dixie) had just come to stay with us, so she wouldn't be by herself across town. My oldest Son had just started a new job and there was a good chance he might be out of pocket. Her due date was ten days away when labor started. I had to inform her she was in labor, she had no clue. My daughter and I had been secretly timing her, just from the funny little looks she would get on her face during contractions. She didn't believe me. Son made it home and we called family and a few friends to join us. Her folks were a couple of hours away, but drove lightning speed and made it fine. The house was filled with people. Not long after the midwife, her daughter and a close family friend that was training to be a midwife got here, my "Special Angel" was born. Other than quiet cheers and a few happy tears, there was no screaming involved. Her Mommy had her without any obvious pain, and was quiet as a church mouse. She and the baby got into a tub of something herbal and soothing afterward. I did get a few fingerprint bruises from Mommy gripping my upper arms as she was pushing. Such a small price to pay. My youngest Son videoed the entire delivery and a room full of people got to witness the birth. Have to say that was one of the most amazing times in my life. I've been involved in births before, but when your child is having a child of their own, it's different.


*Three granddaughters have followed over the years and though they can't claim to be the first... each one is "Special" in their own way. I was blessed to be able to witness their births as well. Miracles, all!

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