Saturday, July 4, 2009

Stirring A Memory

I had a memory! Used to have a million. Somewhere along the way, they got lost. Not totally lost, just pushed down under the garbage of daily living. Takes a lot to stir them up. On rare occasions someone manages to make one surface. I recently had one of those occasions.

Our local paper used to carry a column written by Mark Hayter, a man that grew up in my hometown. Reading them became a way for me to access things long forgotten. He writes about memories of the old neighborhood, school, family, parents and daily living. Things most people can remember without much prodding. People other than me. Might be the old... use it or lose it phenomenon. I stay so tucked away, isolated in my home and rarely attempt to maintain contact with people. Not because I don't have a desire to be around others, it's more of a safety mechanism. Protection for them as well as myself. Depression and chemical sensitivities have a way of doing that. Never know what might set me off. Combine that with dread, fear and never ending fatigue... I can be volatile! Trust me, I'm safer at home.

Back to the reason for this post. Mark's column disappeared from the local paper. Lots of other things, too. Mostly the paper became, for lack of another description, obsolete. With a rapidly growing population, it should have increased, not the other way around. It has dwindled to a mere few pages of not very newsworthy news. I called to inquire the reasons for the decline, as well as the shoddy service and the disappearance of Mark's column. Was given nothing more than polite lip-service. But, and this is a big but... not long after, I found Mark! Oldest Son had created a MySpace page for me and I found Mark's sister Jill, on our high school alumni page. Sent her a message saying how much I missed her brother's writings. That one message started a whole new friendship, along with access to Mark's column. He is still in other papers, just not mine. Mark and his brother Al have a wonderful site called "From The Rooftop". I won't even try to explain everything those guys have going on. If you get a chance, you should visit. My friend Jill visits her brothers on the Rooftop, all the time. Close family. Plenty of room up there. I'm sure they would welcome you to join them. Tell them I sent you. Good folks I tell you and funny, too. If those guys can stir up my dormant memories, imagine what they could do for someone with active brain cells. You might feel the urge to start a blog or something. You never know!

Here's the address.

Jilly, Mark and Big Al... Thanks for the memories!

*In case you're wondering why the print is bigger, a couple of people complained that because of the black background and small print, they were having some trouble reading my little blog. I like the black background so I compromised and made the print bigger. Don't worry little Sister! I didn't tell anyone it was you and me that compla
ined about the small print. Our secret is safe. Nobody has to know we have crappy, old lady eyesight. Now if I could just figure out how to make text messages larger!



Oh my goodness! I loved his columns! That is so cool you tracked him down. Sadly, not only has the paper changed, so has our pleasant and safe little hometown. I would venture the majority of the population there would have zero interest in any of the historical bits or memories. BTW, beautiful post on the beautiful granddaughter, and I hope she had a great birthday. The picture is precious. And another pair of old lady eyes thanks you for the bigger font. Have a good Fourth.

Al said...

Ms. A, why is my nane last?
Just kiddin, I know why. Thanks for the kind words...........
Have a good weekend

mark said...

What a sweet thing to do, MS. Anthropy. The Rooftop crew appreciates your kind words a bunch. Me the most. It did hurt when the Citizen cut my column. I enjoyed writing for my hometown. The story behind any article written about my childhood (there have been a bunch) took place at one of the rent houses we lived in while growing up in Pasadena.

Your comment to the Rooftop blog about the Zoo in Pasadena and the park there did bring back a flood of memories. Can you see an unmanned/unwatched zoo existing today in Pasadena... or anywhere for that matter? And, I too remember that gulley (creek) and how big it seemed. I remember the times I was afraid to walk over the bridge. Afraid I might fall through the cracks. Don't know what else coulda scared me about it. Too many memories. Happy ones as I remember. Of course, we never had our car roll into the gulley. I watched a guy on a tractor roll over into the water, though. Scary stuff.

Well, thanks again for sharing and for taking time to write something nice about Rooftop. We don't deserve such a fan. But how nice to have one. mark hayter

Jilly said...

This was so nice, Cora Beth. You're such a dear, sweet friend, whom I plan on having till forever.
Hey! I got an idea... let's all meet at Leizure's Diner on Randal tomorrow for lunch. I'm having fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and everything else they put on the table!

Ms. Anthropy said...

My Mom & Dad lived right across the street, before they bought their house!!! (Before I was even born) We ate from there bunches.